Will Burschinger Talks Freshman Season

Will Burschinger Talks Freshman Season

Madison Dutra '17

Freshman track team member, Will Burschinger (WB), caught up with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) about his transition into college athletics and his goals for next season. 

SCB: How did you get involved with track?

WB: I got involved with track my freshman year of high school after I didn't make the baseball team. I played sports all my life so I knew I wanted to be involved in some sport. My dad had a background in triathlon and other endurance sports so I decided to give track and cross country a shot. 

SCB: What made you decide to come to Santa Clara? 

WB: I decided to come to Santa Clara because out of the schools I was accepted into, it checked all the boxes of a school I wanted. I was looking for a school on the smaller side that was near a major city. I was also looking for a school that provided good opportunities for careers after college and being in the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara satisfied that.  

SCB: What would you say the biggest difference between high school track, and now competing at a Division I level?

WB: Other than people just being generally faster, the biggest change has been our training schedule. My high school program was very intense with 11 full practices and multiple races per week. We definitely do difficult workouts here but it seems to be more about quality over quantity, which has brought good results.  

SCB: How has your first season as a collegiate runner been so far?

WB: I've definitely enjoyed my first track season.  I walked on the team in January after running by myself since last July. So getting to finally run with the team was great.

SCB: As this season is coming to a close, what are some of your individual and team goals looking to next year?

WB: Looking to the future I just want to make an impact on the team in any way I can.  Individually, I want to stay healthy and keep improving my times. Basically just run fast.