Brynn Sargent on Bronco Track, Getting Healthy

Brynn Sargent on Bronco Track, Getting Healthy

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Sophomore Brynn Sargent (BS) of the men's cross country and track team suffered an unfortunate injury that will keep him sidelined for the remainder of the track season. He informed Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) that despite the injury, his resolve and determination to improve are stronger than ever.

Written by Aaron Cheng '16

SCB: What made you want to continue your distance career at SCU?

BS: SCU's distance program is the perfect fit for me. The focus on competing at the top level meshed with my desire to push my running career to the next level. The support from the coaching staff is top-notch at Santa Clara, and that was one of the biggest factors that drew me here compared to the other schools I visited. 

SCB: Which events do you most enjoy competing in during track?

BS: My favorite event by far is the 1500m. To me, it's the perfect balance of distance and speed. It requires a really unique skill set that very few distance runners actually possess. Outside of that, the DMR (distance medley relay) is one of the most fun events we run all year. We only compete in it once but getting to run a more distance-geared relay is always fun for everyone involved.

SCB: As a distance runner, how do you stay focused during a race?

BS: For me, races always seem to go by really fast. I'm constantly assessing my spot in the pack, whether I should move forward or backward, and how I'm feeling in order to gauge my kick. It might seem counter-intuitive but having a song stuck in my head actually helps me focus on the race and block everything else out.

SCB: Many people see track as an individual sport. How do you think your Bronco teammates help you in the offseason or during competition?

BS: In the offseason, teammates are instrumental in motivating each other to run. Whether we are back on campus for preseason or separated over summer, the offseason is where most fitness is built. Without a good offseason, you can't maximize your potential during the season. Teammates help to put in the long mileage and just foster the enjoyment of the sport. In races, its incredibly helpful to be able to key off teammates. In some races, we can even be fortunate enough to have our teammates pace us for a certain part of the race, making sure we hit our goal splits and have the best chance to run fast. You can't be successful in track without great teammates; I'm just lucky enough to have the best teammates around.

SCB: What goals do you have for the rest of the season?

BS: I'm still recovering from a stress fracture in my femur from this past cross country season so unfortunately I won't be racing for the rest of this year. I'm focusing my energy on building up a good base for the upcoming cross country season. I recently went through some gait analysis and am working on a few form changes, which will reduce my risk for injury and optimize my energy use.