Meg Webber Reflects on Her Time as a Bronco

Meg Webber Reflects on Her Time as a Bronco

Dylan Lynch '16

Meg Webber (MW) is gearing up for her last and potentially her most productive season running track for the Broncos.  As she reflects on her running career at SCU, Webber sat down with (SCB) to discuss the transition from a "have to" mindset to an "I get to compete" mindset.

SCB: Being a senior this season, what impact do you plan to leave on the program and the younger runners on the team?

 MW: My teammates and coaches have seen me struggle through a lot of injuries and several disappointing seasons.  This season has really been my first chance to compete and I am loving it.  I hope that my teammates will look at my track career during their own difficulties and remember that despite the many hardships of running, it's totally worth it.

SCB: In an individual sport like track, in what ways do your teammates help you and vice versa?

MW: I think that the main way we help each other is by bringing competitive energy to every practice.  I can't imagine doing track workouts on my own and I think that our team is so lucky to have runners that are committed to getting better every day.

SCB: Has your role on the team changed at all since you first joined as a freshman?

MW: I would say my attitude about running has changed, and therefore my role has changed too.  Hard workouts and long run days used to be a "have to."  Now, I approach every day with an "I get to compete again today" mentality and I feel like that brings some leadership to our practices.

SCB: What's a typical race day like?

MW: I usually wake up pretty early and go get coffee before we get on the bus in the morning.  My race is usually not until around 2:00 so I have plenty of time sitting at the track.  I usually listen to the same playlist on repeat all day and try not to think about the pain that is coming.  We do a 20-minute warm-up together.  I still get super nervous before every race, so right before the race I always basically have to play a mental game with myself to remember that there's no place I'd rather be.

SCB: What has been your favorite moment with your Bronco teammates?

MW: My freshman year we would always play softball together and I think that that was even more fun than running together.  Watching people that are incredibly talented at one sport try to play a sport that involves coordination is amazing.