Nicholas Mantovani Comes Back Home

Nicholas Mantovani Comes Back Home

Written by Jefferson Reese '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Nicholas Mantovani (NM) transferred to Santa Clara University in the fall from Johns Hopkins University to run cross country and track for the Broncos. (SCB) caught up with Mantovani to discuss the move and the current track season.

SCB: Why did you transfer to Santa Clara from Johns Hopkins?

NM: I transferred from Hopkins for a combination of reasons, but what it really boils down to is that it was not the right fit for me. For some reason I kept on getting sick and injured and sometimes felt like I would see the doctors more than my own professors. 

SCB: How will your experience at Johns Hopkins help you as a runner for Santa Clara?

NM: Living alone on the other side of the country has definitely helped me mature and become more self-sufficient. More than that it has allowed me to better appreciate how lucky I am to be a part of Santa Clara running and also just school.

SCB: How will being closer to home affect your running?

NM: Being closer to home have definitely helped me so far mainly because of the weather. Running in the ice and snow in Baltimore was always pretty tricky and definitely hindered my training. In addition, the trails we run here are fantastic and now I will finally be able to have races that my parents can come and watch. That will definitely be a big influence on my racing. 

SCB: How are you preparing for your season?

NM: Honestly I'm just continuing to run; getting in shape, and staying healthy.

SCB: What motivates you as a track runner in practice and during races?

NM: I am motivated by the fact that I kind of got a second chance running here since my seasons at Hopkins were plagued with injury and sickness. I want to make up for those low points by making my time here high points in my running.