Ferrari Discusses His Final Track Season

Ferrari Discusses His Final Track Season

Senior runner Toni Ferrari (TF) caught up with (SB) to give some insight on his final season with the Santa Clara Track and Field team.

SCB: You had a fantastic cross country senior season. How are you preparing to start your final track season as a Bronco?

TF: To make sure my final season is a success I've been trying to run a lot of miles to make sure I have a good base. In addition, I've been making an effort to stay healthy so I don't lose any practice days.

SCB: How did the team train to prepare for the first race in Washington? Are indoor races different than outdoor races in any way? (Other than the obvious change of scenery)

TF: Indoor racing can be wonderful for the winter season because meet officials can control temperature and other conditions of the race. Considering that other regions in the U.S. receive a lot of harsh weather, controlling the conditions is very important. I knew that there would be a lot of tough competition for the first race in Washington, but our runners are always ready to run fast.

SCB: What are the most important things that you have learned as a student-athlete at Santa Clara University?

TF: Time management is definitely an important skill I've learned as a student athlete. However, I think that learning to sacrifice for something important is the most important lesson I've learned. 

SCB: What is the next step for you after this track season is over?

TF: I'm still working out the details for my next steps after graduation. I hope to always continue running and racing competitively. In addition, I hope to bring that drive and discipline from running to my future career.