Getting Back on Track with Hannah Peterson

Getting Back on Track with Hannah Peterson

Dylan Lynch '16

After being sidelined with an injury for the past five and a half months, Hannah Peterson (HP) is going into her senior season on the women's track team with more motivation than ever before.  As she works to get back to full health, Peterson discussed her road to recovery as well as her legacy on the team with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB).

SCB: As a senior entering your final season, how do you feel this one differs from past seasons?

HP: Well, I am coming off a five-and-a-half-month-long injury, so it is going to be a challenging season.  I've had a lot of injuries throughout my college career and I think that through working with my coaches we now have a "best practices" method for getting me back on the track and competing again. Having three collegiate seasons under my belt also helps with my confidence level going back into competing. It may take a little time to get back into track shape, but I know I haven't forgotten how to compete or race "smart."

SCB: Are there any meets that you're especially looking forward to this season?

HP: The distance carnival (in San Francisco) is usually a fun meet and I think that is the meet my coaches and I are targeting as my first real race for this season. I also love going to the UC Davis meet because my best friend goes there and we always meet up. 

SCB: What are some personal goals you have for this season?

HP: My personal goals are to get back to where I left off last year, which was my best college track season, and finally break my personal record. My other goal is to compete in the West Coast Invitational at the end of season.

SCB: What are you going to miss most about Bronco track when the season ends?

HP: I will definitely miss running and working out with my teammates; we've shared some great stories and laughs during our runs. 

SCB: How do you plan to impact the younger members of the team?

HP: I hope to make an impact on the younger members by showing them that you can come back from an injury and be successful. Also, I will continue to encourage them to do the little things to reduce the risks of getting injured in the first place.