A Head Start on the Track Season with Nicholas Mantovani

A Head Start on the Track Season with Nicholas Mantovani

Written by Genre McAtee '16

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- To Nicholas Mantovani (NM), running is more than just a form of exercise; it's an important part of his life. It's something that he looks forward to doing and loves to share with his teammates on the Santa Clara track and cross country team. Mantovani was excited to share with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) why running is so exhilarating to him.

SCB: How did you start running competitively?

NM: I started running seriously freshman year of high school but I did do a couple races as a middle schooler. 

SCB: Besides training and racing, what are a few ways you relieve stress?

NM: Other than running I find that cooking helps me relieve stress and I particularly like making gelato. My favorite flavors to make are lemon, strawberry, and kiwi. I also find just talking to friends about whatever is causing stress to be decompressing.

SCB: Do you have a favorite place to run?

NM: I love running through heavily forested areas so I would have to say trails in Nisene Marks State Park are awesome.

SCB: Why is running important to you?

NM: Running is important to me because honestly, it just makes me happy. There is something about running through trails in the morning that is exhilarating and the feeling of winning a race or even just beating your own personal best is possibly one of the best. In addition running truly is a team sport and you form some close friendships.

SCB: If an aspiring competitive runner came up to you and asked you for advice, what would you tell him or her?

NM: I would tell that runner to be prudent and take it easy if something is hurting. It is so easy to hurt something and lose a whole season of training. If something feels tweaked, talk to people who know more than you and get healthy.

Go Broncos!