Getting to Know Kaitlyn Kuehn

Kaitlyn Kuehn 2014 West Coast Conference Cross Country Championships
Kaitlyn Kuehn 2014 West Coast Conference Cross Country Championships

Written by Jefferson Reese '15

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Sophomore Kaitlyn Kuehn (KK) took some time to speak with Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) about the upcoming track season.

SCB: How have you prepared for the upcoming season?

KK: I have prepared for this upcoming season by increasing my mileage and trying to take care of myself in general by getting enough sleep, eating well, etc.

SCB: How do you build on what you did during the cross country season to the track season?

KK: Track season requires different training than cross country, depending on your event. I run the 1500m race, so my teammates and I focus more on speed training closer to the season starting. Cross country makes it so you always have a good endurance base to start with for track.

SCB: What do you think about during a race?

KK: During a race, it usually helps me to have a song in my head to distract from any pain I'm feeling. I also try to pay attention to where I am position-wise in the race and when/where I should move up.

SCB: How have you grown from freshman year to this season?

KK: I would say I've finally reached collegiate athlete fitness, which I struggled with reaching all of freshmen year. Our program emphasizes having a progressively better 4 years, and it definitely delivers results.

SCB: What motivates you during the season?

KK: My teammates are great motivation during practice and races to keep improving and run faster. Racing itself also motivates me, as races I'm not happy with make me want to do better next time and good races give me the confidence to run well to continue having good races.