Allison Maio Is Proud To Be A Bronco

Allison Maio Is Proud To Be A Bronco

Sarah Jackson '14

Arizonian Allison Maio (AM) is thankful for the opportunity to run and compete in the beautiful weather of Northern California, while enjoying the company of her fellow Broncos. Maio is looking forward to her upcoming season and achieving some personal bests.

SCB: Last year you ran a 4:55.70 in the 1500m, which is one of your college personal bests. Do you have expectations to beat that this year?

AM: I am always looking for a PR when I race and to get better marks each year! This year I am focused more on running longer distances, like the 5K and 10K, so I don't know how many opportunities I'll get to compete in the 1500m.


SCB: What are some of your team goals for the upcoming season?

AM: It would be really great if we could all qualify for Mt. Sac in Southern California because it would be a fun trip for us to all get to take together! Other than that, I hope we all can reach our PR's and support each other in reaching those goals.

SCB: How do you plan on bringing leadership to your team this season?

AM: It's harder to feel the team aspect during track because it is much more individual than cross country so I hope to keep us all focused on the mentality that we are a strong team and one person's success or failure is all of ours. I hope to keep us all spending a lot of time together, inside and outside of practice. Also, I am in charge of getting our team CD together this season; it's a fun way to share our new favorite songs with each other!


SCB: Why did you choose Santa Clara?

AM: I chose to come to Santa Clara because I love the people, the campus, and the weather! All the people I've met are so nice and I like being in cooler weather but nothing too extreme like snow!

SCB: Being from warm and sunny Arizona, how are you adapting to the weather and area of Santa Clara?

AM: I love running here! Especially in the fall and spring when it would be extremely hot in Arizona. One struggle I have is running in the rain. I definitely haven't gotten used to that!