Transitioning from Track to Cross Country for Hartwig

Transitioning from Track to Cross Country for Hartwig

Erin Hartwig, sophomore from Glendale, Calif. has already had success in her first complete season of track at Santa Clara University. She has raced in the 800m, 1500m and 5000m this season, earning seasonal and personal records with times of 2:27:12, 4:47:08 and 18:39:75, respectively. She also has been a key runner on the Bronco 4x400m relay. Recently, (SCU) was able to speak with Hartwig (EH) about her season, future and experiences.

 By Kaitlin Fuelling, '13


SCU: How does this season compare to your first season last year? What can you attribute to your drops in time and successful races?

EH: This time last year I had hurt my back pretty badly and I wasn't able to get back to running for about three months, so it definitely satisfying that I will be able to have a complete season under my belt. Being injury free this track season (knock on wood) will really set me up well for summer training because we definitely benefit the most from long spans of training uninterrupted by injury. It just feels good to finally be running as fast as I was before I got injured last track season and when I hurt my back again during cross country; having consistent training has played a huge factor.


SCU: Are there any outside races/half or full marathons you would like to participate in after college?

EH: After college, I definitely plan on doing at least one half-marathon and full marathon, hopefully with some of the other girls on the team, I just haven't decided where.


SCU: How have you found the balance between your school work and your sports?

EH: I've become so used to balancing my time between school work and sports it's almost become second nature. I was very involved in sports throughout high school so there was always some practice or game that I was rushing off to. In college it's different because you're on your own and you have to be more diligent when there's no one reminding you to do your work.

SCU: Do you have a mentor or individual(s) that you have looked up to during your college career so far? What have been a couple of lessons you have learned from him/her/them?

EH: I feel really lucky to have great coaches here at Santa Clara. Felipe has really helped me deal with the frustration when I was getting healthy after this past cross country season, and even last year when I was hurt during track and before he had taken over the whole program. I also still keep in touch with my coach from high school; he played a huge role in my development not only as a runner, but as an individual. It also really helps to have some great role models who are older on the guys and girls team.


SCU: Do you have any pregame/prerace superstitions or traditions you like to follow? What do you like to do in preparation for races?

EH: Before races, I always make sure I get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water the two days before. The night before I always make sure I have pasta for dinner and then the morning off I always eat a bagel with peanut butter and a banana. It's something that I've been doing since I started running. The day of a race I try not to let myself get too worked up; I find I run better if I'm just more relaxed and go into it having fun.


SCU: Favorite movie

EH: My favorite movie is "Remember the Titans"


SCU: Favorite Foods



SCU: What would be something that people don't expect from you?

EH: Everyone on the team and my close friends say that I am really loud, but I can actually be really shy and reserved.


SCU: What do you like to do outside of school/track/xc?

EH: Outside of school and running I love to just take the time to relax and enjoy spending time with friends. I would love to sit down and read a really good book too, I don't remember the last time I was able to just read for fun.