Ney Hopes for Strong Sophomore Season

Ney Hopes for Strong Sophomore Season

By Carolyn Linck, '11

A competitive runner since she was eight years old, sophomore Hayley Ney (HN) is excited for her second track season with the Broncos. Recently (SCB) caught up with Ney about how she started running, her adjustment to collegiate track and her goals for her career as a Bronco.

SCB: Do you prefer the track or cross country season? Why?

HN: I prefer track. I'm more of a mid-distance girl, so track offers me shorter options then the 5,000 and 6,000 meters we run during cross country.

SCB: How old were you when you started running competitively? Did you participate in any other sports growing up?

HN:  I started running competitively when I was eight years old. I played club soccer and basketball for four years prior to high school. In high school I played soccer, basketball and ran both track and cross country. I graduated with 13 varsity letters!

SCB: What's your favorite thing about running? Do you prefer to run alone so you can think, with others, with music?

HN: Feeling accomplished is one of my favorite things about running. Whether it be a competition or practice, working towards a certain goal everyday is a rewarding feeling. I love running with my teammates because we motivate each other. When I get to run alone I enjoy listening to music.

SCB: You had an excellent high school career at Catlin Gabel High School in Portland, Ore., winning seven state championships.  What was the adjustment from high school to college running like for you last season?

HN:  It was a pretty hard transition. Most high school programs are pretty laid back when it comes to the amount of mileage, so when I came to Santa Clara my mileage bumped up from 20 miles to around 55 miles per week.

SCB: What do feel you learned last year in your freshman season?  How is that helping you this year in sophomore campaign?

HN: Last year I learned if you aren't having fun it's hard to find success in what you're doing. This has helped my teammates and I become closer as a team, which in turn will help us meet our goals on the cross country course or on the track.

SCB: What do you hope to accomplish by the end of your running career at Santa Clara?

HN: I hope to be part of a team that is successful not only in league but on the regional and national level as well.