Mosier Proud to be Bronco Athlete and Student Body President

Mosier Proud to be Bronco Athlete and Student Body President

By Carolyn Linck, '11

Senior Chris Mosier (CM) is a dedicated Bronco through and through.  Running for the SCU track and cross country teams for four seasons and serving as student body president, Mosier tries to give back to Santa Clara University any way he can. Recently (SCB) caught up with Mosier about the upcoming track season, his role on the team and how he balances his various extracurricular activities.

SCB: Do you enjoy track or cross country better? Why?

CM: Recently, I have started to enjoy track over cross country.  It is great to see the diversity of events at the track meets.  While I still love cross country, the competitive atmosphere at track meets is very hard to beat.  It also provides a friendly environment for your teammates to support your efforts.  Nothing is more exciting than sprinting with 200 meters left and hearing the fans during the final home stretch.

SCB: What are you looking forward to most in your senior seasons? What are your goals and expectations of this year?

CM: Unfortunately, my senior cross country season was cut short due to injury. I am anxious to start training and being competitive once again.  I am also excited to train with all my teammates and watch them succeed.  My main goals are to enjoy my final season representing Santa Clara and to perform to my best ability.  Of course, it is always great to run a new personal best (15:00 for the 5k)!

SCB: How do you view your role on the team as a senior? Do you mentor any of the younger runners?

CM: As a senior I recognize that younger squad members look to me for experience.  It is important that I set the right attitude and mindset and continue to challenge myself.  I do not mentor any of the younger runners in particular; it is a collaborative effort to support each other.  I am very proud that we are very close as a team, both on the track and off.

SCB: What is your best memory in your four years as a member of the Santa Clara track and cross country teams?

CM: I ran a 5k in Chico last track season.  Two laps to go, I had fallen back to second place, but by the time the final lap came, I pushed back into first.  With 200 meters to go a Chico runner sprinted past me.  I remember, Felipe Montoro, our coach, yelling at me to catch him; he exclaimed: "It is your race!"  I increased my leg turnover and ending up "outkicking" him.  It was a very rewarding personal accomplishment, but it was also very exciting to hear the support from my coach and teammates during the race.

SCB: In addition to being a student-athlete, you are also student body president. How do you manage to balance everything?

CM: I always remember to enjoy myself.  I try to learn from all my experiences and maintain a positive attitude.  Sometimes it can be very challenging and stressful; however, I live by a quote on my desk: "Take one step at a time."   I focus on one task at a time, and plan out each day.  I am very task-oriented, but I always leave room for flexibility.  In particular, I try to give myself time to socialize and take sporadic breaks. 

SCB: What advice would you give to your fellow students who want to succeed in school and actively pursue their interests outside of the classroom?

CM: School is first.  Remember that it is impossible to do everything: recognize that you will make sacrifices, but plan your priorities, and act.  If you are pursuing activities outside the classroom, maintain a positive attitude.  Enjoy the experiences!  

SCB: How do you feel being a part of the track and cross country programs has enhanced your college experience at Santa Clara?

CM: Athletics reinforces the virtues of hard work and time management.  I enjoy hanging out with teammates and forming new relationships.  Athletics offers a new perspective of Santa Clara, another avenue in which I can support my school.  I am very proud to be Bronco student-athlete.

SCB: How do you feel your involvement in Associated Student Government (ASG) has enhanced your college experience?

CM: ASG, like athletics, is another avenue to give back Santa Clara.  It has taught me how to work with people while enhancing the experiences of others.  I particularly enjoy the politics of student government; I have long term aspirations of becoming an elected representative.  ASG is an experience that I will never forget. 

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