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Booster Brochure

The commitment to excellence by the entire Santa Clara athletic family remains paramount.  The University is grateful for the unwavering support of our alumni, boosters, friends and fans.  

Commitment to excellence requires knowledge of and compliance with NCAA and WCC rules. Everyone involved in the athletic program, including alumni, boosters, friends and fans, is responsible for knowing these rules.  Ultimately, Santa Clara University is accountable for the acts of all individuals and groups representing the University’s athletic interests.

The following information is provided to help our supporters better understand the relevant rules. When unsure of a particular situation, please remember to “ask before you act” by contacting the Compliance Office.  Failing to do so may jeopardize the eligibility of a prospect or enrolled student-athlete.


Are you a booster?
Under NCAA rules, any “representative of an institution’s athletic interests” is a “booster.” Common examples include: 

  • A member of any organization that promotes Santa Clara University’s Department of Athletics;
  • An individual who has financially contributed to the Bronco Bench, Santa Clara Athletics or any other Santa Clara booster organization;
  • A current or former employee of Santa Clara University;
  • Former student-athletes of Santa Clara University;
  • A Santa Clara University season ticket holder for any of Santa Clara University’s athletic programs;
  • A spouse of a Santa Clara University Athletic Department employee;
  • An individual who has assisted in evaluating or recruiting prospective student-athletes;
  • An individual who provides benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families; and
  • Someone who has, in any way, promoted the athletics program at Santa Clara University.

Any individual who falls under any of these categories is considered a “booster,” and he/she retains that status for life.  Remember – once a booster, always a booster.


Recruiting Prohibition
Boosters are prohibited from recruiting prospects. Only Santa Clara coaches and athletic department staff members may contact a prospect.

Who is a “Prospect”?
A prospect is any individual who has started classes for the ninth grade, or any individual to whom the University provides any financial assistance or other benefits that it does not provide to prospective students generally.

Furthermore, boosters are NOT permitted to:

  • Contact a prospect or their parents, legal guardian(s), or relatives, by telephone, in writing or through social media;
  • Contact a prospect’s coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect;
  • Pick up materials (videotapes, transcripts, etc.) relating to a prospect at his/her high school or junior college;
  • Congratulate the prospect once he/she has committed or signed a National Letter of Intent with Santa Clara University; or
  • Directly or indirectly make arrangements for a prospect, a prospect’s relatives or friends, to receive impermissible inducements. Prohibited inducements, include but are not limited to, the following:  Cash or loans; promise of employment after college graduation; discounts or payment arrangements on loans; employment of relatives or friends of prospects; arrangement for free or reduced charges for professional or personal services; use of an automobile; provision of transportation; free or reduced-cost housing arrangements; or any other benefits or services not permitted under NCAA rules.

Supporting Prospects
Although recruitment of prospects is reserved for authorized Santa Clara staff members, boosters are allowed to: 

  • Contact a Santa Clara coach or Athletic Dept. staff member to inform them about a prospect;
  • Watch a prospect’s athletic contests, provided no contact is made; and
  • Continue to maintain contact with a prospect and their family as long as the booster is an established friend or neighbor and there is no attempt to recruit the student-athlete.


Supporting Current Student-Athletes
Boosters are permitted to support enrolled student-athletes in the following ways:

  • Occasional Meals

A booster may provide an occasional meal to a student-athlete or entire team, as long as the meal is provided in the booster’s home or on campus and prior approval is obtained from the Compliance Office

  • Employment

A booster may employ a current student-athlete so long as: (1) he/she is compensated only for work actually performed; (2) he/she is paid the going rate for the type of work being performed; and (3) prior approval is obtained from the Compliance Office. 

Santa Clara University will be held accountable for any and all violations committed by an athletic representative or support organization.

Please contact the Compliance Office if you have any questions or concerns surrounding NCAA prohibited activities.

Booster Brochure
The commitment to excellence by the entire Santa Clara athletic family remains paramount.  The University is grateful for the unwavering support of our alumni, boosters, friends and fans.

Click here for the brochure.

The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as advice on any matters of NCAA compliance.  The contents of this site contain general information and may not reflect current legal developments or address your situation.  Please contact the Compliance Office with specific questions.