Broncos Athletics

Department of Athletics and Recreation Mission Statement

The overriding purpose of the athletics program at Santa Clara University is the education of the student. Athletics is a key component of the Jesuit philosophy of the education of the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Through participation in intercollegiate athletics and recreation at Santa Clara, students will learn critical life lessons and values, including sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork, overcoming adversity, preparation, trust in others, and selflessness, to name just a few. Competing for Santa Clara will nourish their character and build their confidence, as they learn to maximize their potential.

The Santa Clara Athletics program will field first-rate men's and women's intercollegiate athletics teams that are competitive within their Conference and the region, and strive to be competitive nationally. The programs will bring honor, distinction and greater national awareness to the University, which will not only complement but enhance its national image and prestige.

The Santa Clara Athletics program will provide a comprehensive campus recreation program for students, faculty, and staff, offering each opportunities to enrich their lives and promote their personal health through a broad scope of recreational, educational, and competitive programming.

The Santa Clara Athletics program will enrich the life, character and vitality of the Santa Clara University campus. It will foster school spirit, and will generate fun and excitement for students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents and fans. It will build upon existing traditions and generate new ones. It will enhance the family and community character of Santa Clara University.

The Santa Clara Athletics program will be run with the utmost integrity and honesty, committed to absolute compliance with all applicable NCAA rules. It will operate in a manner consistent with the fundamental values that Santa Clara holds dear.

The Santa Clara Athletics program will maintain high academic standards for its student-athletes. It will graduate student-athletes at rates which will make it a leader within the Conference and the region, and place it among the nation's leaders.

The Santa Clara Athletics program will encourage and provide opportunities for student-athletes to participate in community service and other types of charitable volunteer work.

Coaches and administrators will provide student-athletes with an athletics experience that is both challenging and rewarding. They will serve as role models for student-athletes and prospective student-athletes, and will be assimilated into the campus culture.

In carrying out each of the above values and principles, the Santa Clara Athletics program will serve as a leader in the field of intercollegiate athletics and recreation, and a model for other universities.