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Four People With Santa Clara Connections Listed Among Most Influential

Four People With Santa Clara Connections Listed Among Most Influential

July 3, 2006

Santa Clara, Calif. - In the Sunday, July 2 edition of the San Jose Mercury News, Mark Purdy and the sports staff listed their picks for the top 25 most powerful sports people in the Bay Area. Four people with Santa Clara connections earned a spot on the list as Director of Athletics and Recreation Dan Coonan, sports agent and Santa Clara class of 1982 graduate Bill Duffy, head women's soccer coach Jerry Smith and former Bronco and U.S. women's national team soccer great Brandi Chastain, all found a spot on the list.

Below is a list of the top-25. To read the article in its entirety click here


1. Lew Wolff

Owner and managing partner, A's

Each decision he makes in the next year will affect every other local team -- and what about soccer, too?

Last year: No. 12

2. Jeff Krolik

Senior vice president and general manager, Fox Sports Net Bay Area

He's the boss of the television space occupied by the A's, Giants, Warriors and Sharks.

Last year: No. 2

3. Al Davis

Owner, Raiders

Moves up a spot because his team finally controls its own tickets; still an NFL voice.

Last year: No. 4

4. John York

Owner, 49ers

Falls from top spot because there is still no public stadium progress, still no real playoff hope.

Last year: No. 1

5. Greg Jamison

President/CEO, Sharks

After the lockout, the NHL and the Sharks made a big business comeback; he also controls South Bay's top sports venue.

Last year: No. 6

6. Jeff Novitzky

IRS investigator

Just when we thought the Balco probe was done, he has raised the bar; the Giants have to wonder what's next.

Last year: No. 10

7. Peter Magowan

President/managing general

partner, Giants

He's in a tough spot, dealing with Bonds, Balco, a baseball investigation, a shaky roster, and a potential A's invasion of the profitable South Bay market.

Last year: No. 5

8. Mike Nolan

Coach, 49ers

Big jump from last year; he made clear last season how much he's in control of the Bay Area's most popular team.

Last year: No. 17

9. Billy Beane

Vice president, general manager, A's

Has more clout than any other Bay Area general manager; he still makes execs of other teams sweat.

Last year: No. 9

10. Barry Bonds

Outfielder, Giants

A likely lame duck with the Giants; he can't boss around the front office with as much impudence, but he remains king of the clubhouse.

Last year: No. 3

11. Chris Mullin

Executive vice president, basketball operations, Warriors

Falls out of the top 10; if the team doesn't improve next season, he might be out of top 20.

Last year: No. 8

12. Doug Wilson

Executive vice president, general manager, Sharks

Newcomer to the list had the best year of any Bay Area G.M.; the Joe Thornton trade was a stunner.

Last year: NR

13. Sandy Barbour

Athletic director, Cal

Gets points for staying the course, hanging onto football coach Jeff Tedford, moving ahead on Memorial Stadium remodeling project.

Last year: No. 13

14. Bill Walsh

Interim athletic director, Stanford

Until new A.D. Bob Bowlsby takes over this month, Walsh is still steering the ship -- and selling tickets for the new football stadium.

Last year: No. 7

15. Steve Page

CEO, Infineon Raceway

Riding popularity wave for NASCAR and other motor series, he has turned Northern California's top racing plant into West Coast role model.

Last year: No. 16

16. Tony Salvadore

Vice president, general manager, KNBR-AM

Honcho of Bay Area's sports on-air chat room, he acted swiftly to fire three people over Felipe Alou ugliness last year.

Last year: NR

17. Amy Trask

Chief executive, Raiders

Her influence continues to increase as the team gains more control of its stadium destiny.

Last year: No. 20

18. Brian Sabean

Senior vice president, general manager, Giants

Takes a back seat to the star and the owner, but a savvy mind who pulls strings.

Last year: No. 14.

19. Bill Duffy

President, BDA Sports Management

Agent for Yao Ming, Carmelo Anthony, Steve Nash and two Warriors; a real NBA power center.

Last year: NR

20. Dr. Arthur Ting

Team doctor

Did surgery for Bonds and was called before grand jury, tends to Sharks, seems to make news.

Last year: NR

21. Gary Radnich

Broadcast personality, KNBR-AM and KRON-TV

Shows no signs of slowing down; a thumbs up or thumbs down from him still means something.

Last year: No. 23

22. Dan Coonan

Athletic director, Santa Clara University

Has guided Santa Clara to top of Bay Area college heap after Cal and Stanford; Broncos were NCAA factors in volleyball, soccer, women's basketball.

Last year: NR

23. Kimberly Bell

Grand jury witness

Bonds' former mistress, her potential testimony could have him in major perjury and tax trouble.

Last year: NR

24. Tom Bowen

Athletic director, San Jose State

Still a long climb to a healthy all-around program, but Bowen is making energetic progress.

Last year: NR

25. Brandi Chastain and Jerry Smith

Bay Area soccer's first couple

Departure of Earthquakes was a soccer blow to area, but Chastain/Smith keep Santa Clara women on top and keep the area's futbol torch burning.

Last year: No. 18