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SCU Student-Athletes Earn Degrees

June 14, 2004

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - This past weekend marked the conclusion of numerous Santa Clara student-athletes' careers, as the University conferred degrees to 46 Broncos.

Of the 17 varsity programs, 16 had at least one graduate representing their respective teams. On the men's side, baseball combined for six graduates, while crew had five and soccer four. On the women's side, volleyball had four new alums, while basketball, soccer and softball had three each.

The student-athletes were among nearly 1,053 graduates that took part in the 153rd commencement at Buck Shaw Stadium on Saturday morning. Gregory J. Boyle, S.J., a Jesuit priest who works with at-risk youths in Los Angeles, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Faith and Justice degree and was the ceremony's keynote speaker.

Congratulations to all, and good luck!

SCU Student-Athletes Graduates

Name SportDegree
Justin Ahasic Golf English
Milena Basile Women's Cross Country Combined Sciences
Warren Bickes Men's Crew English
Becky Biniek Volleyball Marketing
Richard Brackett Men's Cross Country Political Science
Kristi Candau Women's Soccer Communication
Audren Cashman Men's Soccer French
Erich Chen Men's Tennis Computer Science
Alexandra Dalmau Women's Water Polo Computer Science
Bryce Davidson Men's Crew Accounting
Chris DeMartini Men's Golf Operations Management & Information Systems
Daniel Figoni Men's Water Polo Finance
Chad Fillinger Baseball Marketing
Kenny Flanagan-De La Hoz Men's Water Polo Accounting
Kirk Fonseca Men's Soccer Marketing
Jaime Forman-Lau Softball Counseling, Psychology & Education
Ben Gauen Men's Cross Country Finance
Logan Gee Men's Water Polo Combined Sciences
Alex Gientke Women's Basketball Management
Kellen Gilmore Men's Soccer Marketing
Anne Ginotti Women's Water Polo Finance
Alexander Gorman Men's Crew Computer Science
Tracy Hess Women's Soccer Communication
Jim Howell Men's Basketball Finance
Megan Johnston Volleyball Finance
Amanda Kremer Women's Crew Liberal Studies
David Mandley Baseball Finance
Patrick McBride Baseball Communication
Kellan McConnell Baseball Marketing
Michael Neumann Men's Cross Country Engineering
Cara Payne Women's Cross Country French
Juan Perez Men's Crew Finance
Chardonnay Poole Women's Soccer Psychology
Becky Potter Volleyball Mathematics
John Redmond Baseball Operations Management & Information Systems
Ethan Rohde Men's Basketball Finance
Frank "Panch" Romero Baseball Finance
Jennie Rondel Women's Basketball Operations Management & Information Systems
Michael Schlunt Men's Crew Accounting
Rachel Sherman Softball Studio Art
Jenny Siegel Women's Tennis Communication
Kelli Sousa Volleyball Communication
Whitney Sutak Women's Basketball Psychology
Matt Upton Men's Soccer Marketing
Vanessa Werner Softball Biology
Adaline Zacher Women's Crew Communication
Michael Wall Men's Cross Country Political Science
Tim Kalmer Men's Cross Country Economics
Heath Packard Men's Cross Country Religious Studies
Chris Spicer Men's Cross Country Philosophy
Kevin Edwards Men's Cross Country English
Katie Malinak Women's Cross Country Communications
Laura Parrado Women's Cross Country Accounting