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Athletes Participate in Women in Sports Panel

Athletes Participate in Women in Sports Panel

May 22, 2002

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Five Santa Clara University student-athletes participated in a panel on women in sports Wednesday morning at the Rancho San Justo Middle School in Hollister, Calif.

Emma Borst from the National Champion women's soccer team, Cindy and Chrissy Hirsch from volleyball, Tina Lennox from crew and Sydney Wiginton from softball shared their experiences on surviving college academics and athletics before answering questions presented by the 500 sixth-graders.

"The young people at the assembly were so enthusiastic and receptive to what our athletes had to say," said SCU's manager of community outreach and promotions Lindsay Amstutz. "They really have no colleges close to them to be able to ask questions of, so it was good for our student-athletes to connect with them and share their experiences."

Rancho San Justo is located in Hollister, Calif., which is approximately 54 miles south of the Mission Campus, but the distance didn't seem to matter to these fans of women's college athletics.

"They obviously did their homework in anticipation of us coming here today," said Amstutz. "They asked questions regarding the National Championship and about achieving grades necessary to attend a school like Santa Clara."

The Women in Sports panel was the third in a series of perspectives on careers that emphasize the need for college at Rancho San Justo. The focus on today's panel was to show the students the importance for hard work when it comes to balancing life in the classroom and on the field of competition.

"It is great to be a part of the lives of young people," said volleyball player Chrissy Hirsch. "They were all so excited to see us and ask questions about how to get to college and what kind of extracurricular activities were needed to get in. The most exciting part for all of us, though, was when we asked them how many of them wanted to go to college and every single one of them raised their hands."

Following the 45-minute assembly, the five student-athletes all remained in the gymnasium to sign autographs and answer additional questions on a one-on-one basis.