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All-Time Santa Clara Senior Student-Athlete Award Winners

Henry Schmidt Award: Bestowed annually to the school's top senior female student-athlete. Henry Schmidt served as the first athletic trainer at Santa Clara University, a position he held for 50 years.  Schmidt was one of the five founding members of the National Athletic Trainers Association in 1950. He is in the Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame as well as the NFL Hall of Fame. He served as the head trainer for the East-West Shrine Game for 37 years. It’s safe to say that Schmidt was one of the pillars of Santa Clara Athletics

1975 Cynthia Nieheus
1976 Cynthia Nieheus
1977 Darby Teichgraeber, Tennis
1978 Janet Steiner, Volleyball, Basketball
1979 Rosemary Jesswein, Volleyball
1980 Debbie Seidler
1981 Lisa Huff, Soccer
1982 Liz Bruno, Women's Basketball and Karin Lyffyt, Volleyball
1983 Lucy Eggertsen and Karin Lyffyt
1984 Caryn Choppelas, Basketball
1985 Lisa Filkowski, Volleyball
1986 Suzy Meckenstock, Basketball
1987 Not Awarded
1988 Cindy Meckenstock, Basketball
1989 Stacey MacDonough, Volleyball
1990 Tami Batista, Soccer / Softball
1991 Brandi Chastain, Soccer
1992 Jennifer Birks, Soccer
1993 Melissa King, Basketball
1994 Kris Kosnoski, Volleyball
1995 Margaret Krawiec, Soccer
1996 Suzanne Ressa, Basketball
1997 Mikka Hansen, Soccer
1998 Lisa Sacco, Basketball
1999 Lisa Nanez, Soccer
2000 Mandy Clemens, Soccer
2001 Heather Aldama, Soccer
2002 Danielle Slaton, Soccer
2003 Aly Wagner, Soccer
2004 Becky Potter, Volleyball
2005 Leslie Osborne, Soccer
2006 Cassie Perret, Volleyball
2007 Kim McGiven, Volleyball
2008 Chandice Cronk, Basketball
2009 Anna Cmaylo, Volleyball
2010 Lindsy Davigeadono, Volleyball
2011 Lena Gipson, Basketball
2012 Alyssa Shoji, Basketball
2013 Meleana Shim, Soccer 
2014 Julie Johnston, Soccer
2015 Sofia Huerta, Soccer
2016 Danielle Weatherholt, Soccer
2017 Jordan Jesolva, Soccer
2018 Gudrun Arnardottir, Soccer

Victor Corsiglia Award: Given annually to the school's top senior male student-athlete. Victor Corsiglia was a long-time supporter of Santa Clara Athletics from the 1950’s through the 1970’s. Corsiglia gathered six of his friends and they created a group called "The Society of Seven" every year they pooled their resources and honored members of both the basketball and football teams with a post season banquet. He is best known for his big barbeques, which he put on by himself for more than 20 years.

1980 Lou Renfola, Football
1981 Lou Renfola, Football
1982 Elizabeth Bruno, Women's Basketball
1983 Rich Martig, Football / Baseball
1984 Rich Martig, Football / Baseball
1985 Not Awarded
1986 Not Awarded
1987 Not Awarded
1988 Wes Bliven, Baseball
1989 David Palic, Soccer
1990 Eric Yamamoto, Soccer
1991 Paul Holocher, Soccer
1992 Cameron Rast, Soccer
1993 Mark Schmidt, Basketball
1994 Pete Eisenrich, Basketball
1995 Bob Pailthorpe, Baseball
1996 Steve Nash, Basketball
1997 Mike Frank, Baseball
1998 Bill Mott, Baseball
1999 Alex Lopez, Basketball
2000 Adam Eyre, Soccer
2001 Jamie Holmes, Basketball
2002 Jeff Stewart, Soccer
2003 Jamil Walker, Soccer
2004 Jim Howell, Basketball
2005 Anthony Rea, Baseball
2006 Travis Niesen, Basketball
2007 Sean Dennison, Basketball
2008 Peter Lawry, Soccer
2009 John Bryant, Basketball
2010 Geoff Klein, Baseball
2011 Troy Payne, Basketball
2012 Kyle Dandan, Tennis
2013 Kevin Foster, Basketball
2014 John Lamble, Tennis
2015 Brandon Clark, Basketball
2016 Kendall McIntosh, Soccer
2017 Jared Brownridge, Basketball
2018 Hayden Shieh, Golf

Pat Malley Award: Presented annually to one male and one female senior athlete who each best demonstrate the qualities or attitude, character, desire, competitive spirit and the will to excel both on and off the field of play. Pat Malley ‘53 was the embodiment of Santa Clara Athletics.  A legendary football coach and athletics director for 26 years, he is best known for his amazing dedication and commitment to students and athletes. As a student-athlete, Malley was a guard for the Broncos football team and was a freshman when Santa Clara shocked Bear Bryant's Louisville team in the 1950 Orange Bowl. As the head football coach, Malley guided Santa Clara to 141 victories. He was heralded as a great recruiter, coaching future NFL All-Pros Dan Pastorini, Brent Jones and Doug Cosbie. More importantly, he was loved, respected and deeply appreciated by each one of his players, who still speak of him today in reverent tones. Among Malley's coaching accolades, he was named the Northern California College Coach of the Year in 1963, 1965, 1967 and 1980. His 1980 team advanced to the semifinals of the NCAA Division II playoffs. He has been inducted into the Santa Clara Athletic Hall of Fame, San Jose Sports Hall of Fame and West Coast Conference Hall of Honor.

1988 Jim Bannister & Erin Cross
1989 Matt Toole, Baseball & Wendy Johanson, Soccer
1990 Eric Yamamoto, Soccer & Jennifer Lucas, Basketball
1991 Pat Dowd, Football & Tami Batista, Softball / Soccer
1992 Brandon Schmidt, Soccer & Sheryl Staub, Basketball
1993 John St. Jacques, Football & Sue Wall, Soccer
1994 Mike Kirk, Crew & Anna Gonzalez, Softball
1995 Greg Carlstrom, Baseball & Colette Chiamparino, Basketball
1996 Ross Parmenter, Baseball & Laura Brun, Soccer
1997 Marlon Garnett, Basketball & Linda Reidman, Basketball
1998 Lloyd Pierce, Basketball & Maria Gonzalez, Softball
1999 Randy Jones, Water Polo & Brook Staebell, Basketball
2000 Nathan Fast, Basketball & Katie Pursley, Basketball
2001 Jeff Raegen, Water Polo & Annie Garrison, Basketball
2002 Sean Eirich, Crew & Carolina Gruening, Basketball
2003 Joe Diefenderfer, Baseball & Roni Rivera, Softball
2004 Ben Gauen, Cross Country & Chardonnay Poole, Soccer
2005 Ryan Chiarelli, Baseball & Katie Hansen, Cross Country
2006 Jason Matteucci, Baseball & Micaela Esquivel, Soccer
2007 Scott Dougherty, Basketball & Megan Pura, Volleyball 
2008 Brody Angley, Basketball & Brittany Klien, Soccer
2009 Brian Martin, Soccer & Sara Majors, Basketball
2010 Stephen Koch, Cross Country & Caitlin Bellotti, Coxswain, Men’s Crew
2011 Ben Dowdell, Basketball & Wren White, Water Polo
2012 Matt Savage, Cross Country & Jenny Light, Cross Country
2013 Raymond Cowels III, Basketball & Lauren Matheson, Soccer
2014 Theo Nasser, Water Polo & Jenny Anderson, Water Polo
2015 TJ Braff, Baseball & Taylor Milton, Volleyball
2016 Kert Woods, Baseball & Andi Tostanoski, Soccer
2017 Graham McClone, Water Polo & Nikki Hess, Volleyball
2018 Joey Berriatua, Cross Country/Track & Kellie Peay, Soccer

James D. Farwell Award: Bestowed annually to one male and one female senior student-athlete who each best combine academic and athletic excellence (minimum: 3.30 cumulative GPA). James Farwell ‘66 was a founding member of the men's rowing team and a member of the inaugural undefeated squad.  After graduation, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He served in Vietnam and was a highly-decorated soldier, receiving two silver stars and two bronze stars for valor in the field of combat. He went on to served as the men's rowing coach and also as the women's rowing coach for a period of approximately 20 years. He was inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame at Santa Clara in 1979.

1992 Ricky Kauten, Crew & Mia Syre, Crew
1993 Matt Madigan, Crew &Karen Rosebrook, Softball
1994 Steve Quinlivan, Crew & Meave Fallon, Crew
1995 Greg Fike, Crew & Chann Chong, Cross Country
1996 Adam Gagnon, Tennis & Jill Rivera, Softball
1997 Pat Fear, Cross Country & Jessica Acord, Softball
1998 Steve Lee, Golf & Stephanie Shepherd, Crew
1999 Mark Anderson, Cross Country & Deborah Crane, Crew
2000 Lars Nelson, Tennis & Sarah Duncan, Tennis
2001 Tony Okano, Golf & Ellie Guy, Cross Country
2002 Jay Moorhead, Water Polo & Anne Schlotman, Crew
2003 Michael Helms, Cross Country & Christine Limbers, Tennis
2004 Erich Chen, Tennis & Jaime Forman-Lau, Softball
2005 Peter Moore, Water Polo & Robin Bell, Cross Country
2006 Michael Nicoletti, Golf & Lindsey Bacolini, Water Polo
2007 Stephen Kwei, Crew & Angela Kabanuck, Softball
2008 Tommy Kelly, Water Polo & Mike Delaurenti, Cross Country/Track & Liz Perry, Water Polo
2009 Brendon Bula, Crew & Noelle Lopez, Cross Country/Track
2010 John Laughlin, Cross Country/Track & Erin Sullivan, Golf
2011 Stephen Hobbs, Water Polo & Stephanie Wilson, Cross Country
2012 Austin Jones, Cross Country & Margueritte Azoasa, Soccer  
2013 Thomas Pham, Men's Tennis & Kelly Lamble, Tennis 
2014 Scott Lowe, Golf & Katie Le, Tennis
2015 Casidhe McClone, Water Polo & Nici Gilday, Basketball
2016 Steven Wilson, Baseball & Mary Kriege, Cross Country/Track
2017 Nate Kratch, Basketball & Jenna Roering, Soccer
2018 Emmanuel Ndumanya, Basketball & Kirsten Mead, Volleyball

Carroll Williams Award: Bestowed annually to a senior who best defines what it means to be a Santa Clara student athlete - someone who excels in the classroom and athletically while making an outstanding contribution in the area of community service. Carroll Williams served in the Santa Clara Athletic Department for 30 years as the head men's basketball coach and then the director of athletics and recreation. Williams is the winningest men's basketball coach in Santa Clara history with a 344-274 career record. Over his 22-year span at the helm of the men's basketball program, Williams led SCU to five postseason tournaments, once to the NCAAs and four times to the National Invitational Tournament (NIT). In his eight years as AD, Santa Clara added women's golf and women's water polo, renovated and improved the athletic facilities, and increased scholarship support for student-athletes. In that span, Williams oversaw 19 West Coast Conference Championships in seven different sports and teams advanced to 23 postseason tournaments.

1997 Tara Reagan, Tennis
1998 Jamie Hamilton, Tennis
1999 Ryan Hinn, Baseball
2000 Reilly Dampeer, Crew
2001 Charlie Brenneman, Cross Country
2002 Caroline Gruening, Basketball
2003 Roni Rivera, Softball
2004 Logan Gee, Water Polo
2005 Lacey Smale, Softball
2006 Micaela Esquivel, Soccer
2007 AJ Perry, Marketing
2008 Christina Malley, Student Trainer
2009 Kit Coyle, Rough Rider President
2010 Calvin Ruiz, Student Trainer
2011 Chris Freeburg, Men's Rowing
2012 Tanya Schmidt, Volleyball 
2013 Carissa Theis, Softball 
2014 Megan Anders, Volleyball
2015 Amia Nash, Cross Country/Track 
2016 Molly Walker, Women's Rowing
2017 Pasha Hashemi, Men's Soccer
2018 Hailai Arghandiwal, Women's Soccer

Jim Jennings Award: Given annually to a male or female senior non-athlete most distinguished for unselfish and loyal service to the Athletics Department. Jim Jennings or "J.J." as he is commonly known, served as a volunteer in the Santa Clara Athletics Department for more than 20 years.  Candidates eligible for this award may be team managers, student trainers or student assistants in media relations, marketing, game management, facilities or other Athletics Department units.

1999 Brent Gonzalez, Operations
2000 Matt Hodson, Media Relations
2001 Nik Mecchi-Ericson, Marketing
2002 D.J. Frandsen, Men's Basketball
2003 Dan Galvin, Marketing
2004 Lindsay Myrback, Media Relations
2005 Robert Lucente, Sports Medicine
2006 Michael Zozos, Ruff Riders Co-President/Facilities
2007 AJ Perry, Marketing
2008 Christina Malley, Student Trainer
2009 Kit Coyle, Ruff Rider President
2010 Calvin Ruiz, Student Trainer
2011 Ramon Meacham, Basketball Manager 
2012 Nicole Grazioli, Media Relations 
2013 Brandon Rebboah, Media Relations & Candice Sanchez, Marketing 
2014 Ryan Simone, Sports Medicine & Chelsea Flintoft, Media Relations
2015 Jessica Shusko, Media Relations
2016 Logan Breen, Men's Basketball Manager
2017 Ian Poblete, Bronco Bench Foundation & Lexie Smallwood, Sports Medicine
2018 Paul Kozel

The DJ Frandsen Award: Given to a male or female senior student-athlete who has used courage, perseverance, and spirit to overcome adversity and now serves as a role model for hope and inspiration for others to follow. Named in honor of David Frandsen Jr., a former men’s basketball team manager and athletic supporter who inspired the many lives he touched as he battled a childhood cancer that ultimately took his life at age 25. He was selected to carry the Olympic torch in 2002 as a symbol of courage, hope and inspiration.

2003 Julie Butler, Basketball
2004 J.R. Patrick, Basketball
2005 Francisco Zepponi, Tennis
2006 Kayla Huss
2007 Brandon Rohe, Men’s Basketball
2008 Matt Hatzke, Men's Soccer
2009 Claire Linney, Women's Water Polo
2010 Jordan Angeli, Women's Soccer
2011 Becky Goll, Women's Basketball
2012 Phillip Bach, Men's Basketball 
2013 Noe Viloria, Women's Basketball 
2014 Lauren Germany, Cross Country/Track 
2015 Andrew Papenfus, Men's Basketball
2016 Delphine Rouvillois, Women's Tennis
2017 Steven Wilson, Baseball
2018 Evan Haberle, Baseball

Jim Shea Award: Recognizes a male or female senior student-athlete who has courageously led his or her team through selfless actions and served as a leader among the student athlete community. This award is in honor of football player, Jim Shea ’63, who was the first Santa Clara student whose life was cut short serving in the Vietnam War. Years later, Eddie Alvarez, a Vietnam POW, was selected to receive a full scholarship to attend Santa Clara Law School. His benefactor was Jim Shea Sr. who wanted to recognize through the gift of a scholarship the selfless act in which he and Alvarez had given to our country.  Historically, the Jim Shea was annual award was given to the most courageous football player.

2013 Makena Pezzuto, Women's Water Polo
2014 Julian Clarke, Men's Basketball
2015 Andrew Papenfus, Men's Basketball
2016 Camille Dyer, Women's Cross Country/Track
2017 Marie Bertholdt, Women's Basketball
2018 Hannah Wood, Cross Country/Track

Bronco Spirit Award: Since spirit and pride are traditional hallmarks of athletics at Santa Clara University, this award was given annually to one male and one female team that each best displayed the tangible attributes of Bronco spirit which are annually recognized as outstanding examples of this spirit among the student-athlete population.  The award was transitioned to the Bronco Bowl during the 2014-15 school year.  

Men's Team Winners:

2002 Tennis, Cross Country
2003 Tennis
2004 Cross Country
2005 Cross Country
2006 Tennis
2007 Crew    
2008 Soccer
2009 Water Polo 
2010 Cross Country/Track
2011 Cross Country
2012 Cross Country
2013 Baseball 
2014 Men's Water Polo 

Women's Team Winners:

2002 Softball
2003 Softball
2004 Volleyball
2005 Soccer
2006 Water Polo
2007 Basketball
2008 Softball
2009 Basketball
2010 Basketball
2011 Basketball
2012 Basketball
2013 Basketball 
2014 Softball 

Bronco Bowl: The Bronco Bowl, sponsored by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), is an internal competition among the 20 teams to increase and strengthen the student-athlete experience, enhance Bronco Pride and highlight the achievements made by our individual athletes and teams. 

2015 Men's Cross Country and Volleyball
2016 Volleyball
2017 Women's Tennis
2018 Women's Cross Country

Top Men's Team GPA (Overal GPA by a team during academic year listed)

2002-03 Cross Country
2003-04 Cross Country
2004-05 Crew
2005-06 Crew
2006-07 Cross Country/Track
2007-08 Crew
2008-09 Cross Country/Track
2009-10 Cross Country/Track
2010-11 Cross Country/Track 
2011-12 Cross Country/Track
2012-13 Cross Country/Track
2013-14 Cross Country/Track  
2014-15 Cross Country/Track  
2015-16 Cross Country/Track  
2016-17 Cross Country/Track
2017-18 Cross Country/Track

Top Women's Team GPA (Overal GPA by a team during academic year listed)

2002-03 Cross Country, Tennis
2003-04 Cross Country
2004-05 Cross Country/Track
2005-06 Cross Country
2006-07 Golf
2007-08 Golf
2008-09 Cross Country
2009-10 Crew
2010-11 Cross Country/Track, Crew
2011-12 Cross Country/Track
2012-13 Cross Country/Track
2013-14 Cross Country/Track
2014-15 Tennis
2015-16 Volleyball
2016-17 Tennis
2017-18 Rowing

Male Senior Academic Award

2016 Ryan Greenough, Cross Country/Track
2017 Drew Del Toro, Rowing
2018 Brynn Sargent, Cross Country/Track

Female Senior Academic Award

2016 Julie Vass, Soccer
2017 Kerri Clifford, Water Polo
2018 Kat Uhl, Soccer