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Bronco Kidz Names Winter 2001-2002 All-Starz

April 22, 2002

Members of Bronco Kidz receive Bronco Points for attending Santa Clara sporting events, clinics and Bronco Kidz Days. To honor and reward Santa Clara's most dedicated young fans, Bronco Kidz honored their top performers during "Bronco Kidz Day" at the Santa Clara baseball game on April 7, 2002. Bronco Kidz All-Starz received a variety of prizes including tickets to local amusement parks, free movie rentals, and other Santa Clara athletics memorabilia.

Bronco Kidz Day featured a variety of fun activities for the 46 Bronco Kidz that came out to cheer the Broncos on that day. Kidz were invited to join the players on the field for the national anthem and to run the bases of Buck Shaw after the game. Two Bronco Kidz, Sara Sarceda and Caitlyn Krulee, were selected to be the guest PA announcers for the 5th inning and Kidz were invited to attend an exclusive postgame clinic for Bronco Kidz.

Bronco Kidz would like to thank the All-Starz and all of the Kidz for their enthusiasm and dedication throughout the entire year.

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2001-2002 Winter Bronco Kidz MVP
Joey Genochio, Age 9, 131 Bronco points

First-Team, All-Kidz
Robby Genochio, Age 9, 119 points
Preston Kilwien, Age 5, 113 points
Aaron Geraci, Age 10, 103 points
Gina Geraci, Age 5, 103 points

Second-Team, All-Kidz
Ariana Raftopoulos, Age 11, 79 points
Melina Raftopoulos, Age 8, 79 points
Deanna Geraci, Age 6, 77 points
Kimmie Maiers, Age 13, 77 points
Andrew Knowles, Age 7, 77 points

Honorable Mention
Julia Peters (71), John Peters (71), Brian Knowles (71), David Weller (70), Jordan Ambrose (65), Jeff Peters (59), Katy Weller (53), Derek Modin (53), Tyler DiLorenzo (53), Jennifer Zanardi (53), Naomi Brooding (53) Allyson DiLorenzo (53)