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Fight For Santa Clara

Words, Music and Arrangement by Winnie Cutter, Class of 1905

All hail to S.C.U.
Honor her prestige and fame,
Oh! hold high those standards
As we go into the game.


Varsity fight for Santa Clara
Banners of red and white on high
No matter how great your foe men,
Let our motto be "to do or die."
Rah! Rah! Varsity team,
We are cheering for you,
Our gallant heroes, sturdy, staunch and true
Remember the right and might of Red and White
When Santa Clara warriors fight,
For Victory, and our dear old S.C.U.

Then U. fight! fight! for the Alma Mater we love,
oh fight! fight! and strength shall come from above,
We now acclaim your fame,
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Come join our happy throng,
Oh make the welkin resound,
Help build to tradition,
That S.C.U. men ne'er give ground.

(Repeat Chorus)

While Hamilton stands guard,
Over thy rich, fertile vale,
Belov'd Alma Mater,
Teach no word akin to fail.

(Repeat Chorus)


By Joseph Riordan

Santa Clara, Alma Mater,
Lo! our hearts are pledged to thee
El Dorado's first born daughter
Who beside the Western sea,
Where the palm and olive mingle,
Bade the torch of science burn,
When our footsteps bear us from thee
Back to thee our hearts will turn.


This the Mission Bells are telling
As exultingly they ring,
"Santa Clara, Santa Clara,"
Alma Mater," sweet they sing.
Where the palm and olive mingle
Proudly raise their heads on high
in the earliest fane of science
Built beneath our Western sky.