Talking About The Ruff Riders

April 13, 2006


Next year's Ruff Riders president, Ian Frost, has a monumental task ahead of him as he succeeds the current administration. In the past two years under Mike Zozos and Ross Nelson, the club has doubled in size, but Frost has plans of his own for when he takes the reins in the fall. Frost sat down with sports reporter Jeremy Herb to discuss his plans to interact with other spirit clubs, as well as how next year's Ruff Riders shirt should look.

Jeremy Herb: How did you wind up as Ruff Riders president for next year?

Ian Frost: Ross pretty much came and asked me. I've expressed interest in helping out Ruff Riders since freshman year, and this year, I was actually able to have time to really help.

JH: What did you do with them this year?

IF: I was more involved; I worked for the athletic department in the sports marketing office, so that kind of helped me be more involved.

JH: How difficult do you think it's going to be to replace people like Mike Zozos and Ross Nelson?

IF: Obviously, their time and effort is invaluable. That's going to be really hard to replace. The two of them have obviously taken the club to new heights. But I have full confidence in everybody that's still going to be around, with A.J. (Perry) and Ryan (Purdy), they're both really dedicated in supporting Bronco athletics.


JH: What are some of your plans to improve Ruff Riders next year?

IF: Ruff Riders is definitely in a good spot, but we can definitely do more. Attendance is up with the efforts of Mike and Ross, but I think the atmosphere could still be improved. A lot of people go to games, but aren't necessarily fully into it. Also, one aspect I kind of wanted to bring in was maybe doing a little bit of community service. I've had brief discussions with the Los Locos (USF) spirit club president about maybe organizing a little friendly competition.

JH: Do you think it's likely that membership will level off following this year?

IF: I don't know about that. We're going to lose the senior numbers, but with a lot of incoming freshmen, especially with the increasing number of kids coming to Santa Clara, we should be able to keep our membership. We had about 900 new sign-ups this year, and expect similar numbers next year.

JH: What's your favorite sport to watch in person?

IF: My first love is baseball, so I'd have to say Major League Baseball, but after that, probably college football and college basketball.

JH: What about your favorite Bronco sports?

IF: That's hard to say. I don't know; I've been involved with the Bronco baseball program, so I'd probably have to say that, but I definitely love watching college basketball.

JH: What athlete that's graduating at the end of this year will you miss the most?

IF: That's like a trick question because I know so many of them personally.

JH: How helpful do you think the soon-to-be-determined amount of Pepsi money will help the Ruff Riders?

IF: I think it's going to be tremendous, being able to have more away trips­ -- bringing the cost of the trip to Portland for the WCC Championships down. It just allows us more flexibility in the things we can do, I'd say, like offering different T-shirts or something.

JH: Where do you think your club will function better -- under AS or athletics?

IF: I really don't know. I don't know the details of where it's been. I know Ben Tate is working on it, but I've never had any conversations about it with him.

JH: Have you thought about altering the Ruff Riders logo next year?

IF: It was briefly discussed, but I think it's good the way it is. It's not too flashy, but I think it really represents what we're all about.

JH: Do you know what color the Ruff Riders shirt for next year will be?

IF: In the schedule, it's supposed to be black. I kind of like the all-red look, but it's to be determined still because we're supposed to get a new shirt every year, but no one is going to want the same exact shirt. So it's still being discussed by the executive council.

JH: You're from Oregon, which isn't exactly a sports haven. What sports did you watch as a kid?

IF: Well, I'm from Corvallis, so I'm a huge Oregon State Beavers fan. Baseball, basketball, pretty much all Pac-10 sports. I moved there when I was four. I was born in Seattle, and I had a lot of family up there, so I was able to go to at least 10 Mariner games a year since I was probably two or three years old. Also, the last two summers, I've worked for the Mariners in Seattle during the summer.