Bronco Bench Foundation

Endowment Listing

Living and Endowed Scholarships

Both living and endowed scholarships are substantial gifts, which enable the Bronco Bench to cover the annual costs of room, board, and tuition for a student-athlete. Living scholarships are four-year commitments, while endowed scholarships provide aid in perpetuity because gifts are placed in a permanently held fund in which only the generated interest is used to cover the costs of the scholarship. In both cases, the scholarship bears the name of the donor or designee.

The Bronco Bench Foundation Endowment Listing

Endowed Scholarships are established by gifts to The Bronco Bench Foundation, which enable students to participate in the University's athletic program. They are funded by the individuals whose names they bear or by bequests and gifts honoring the persons named. These endowments are full tuition, room & board; or full tuition and partial room & board; or partial tuition. The students named to the fully-funded scholarships may be receiving less aid than those endowments provide. The students named to the full tuition and partial tuition scholarships may be receiving more or less aid than those endowments provide.

Fully-Endowed Scholarships

Jack & Lukra Mariani Memorial Endowment, Established 1977
Frank S. Parducci Bronco Bench Athletic Endowment
, Established 1977
Bannan Family Endowment for Bronco Bench
, Established 1984
Nick Vanos Memorial Basketball Scholarship
, Established 1987
Thomas J. Bannan Athletic Scholarship
, Established 1987
Vic Viegas Family Athletic Endowment
, Established 2000
Class of 1970 Walk-On Scholarship
, Established 2009
Larry & Steve Schott Scholarship
George Giacomini Athletic Scholarship

Fully-Endowed Tuition Scholarships

A.P. "Dutch" Hamann Family Endowment, Established 1977
Morabito/Fox Athletic Endowed Scholarship, Established 1977
Harold J. Toso Bronco Bench Endowment, Established 1983
Rudy Scholz Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund, Established 1985
Francis J. Silva, S.J. Endowed Scholarships, Established 1990

Partially-Endowed Tuition Scholarships

Richley Family Endowment, Established 1983

  • Coaches Scholarship, honoring Len Casanova and Memorial Scholarships honoring Vern Hare, Marte Formico, and John Duzanica

Richley Family Endowment, Established 1986

  • Memorial Scholarships, honoring Frank "Salty" Campo, Lou Lange, John Justice, & Coach Herm Meister    

Harry S. Wolter Athletic Endowment, Established 1985
Ester T. Goss Endowed Scholarship
, Established 1987
Paul & Betty Baldacci Family Scholarship
, Established 1990
Clay McGowan Family Scholarship
, Established 1990
Lillevand Family Scholar-Athlete Endowment
, Established 1991
J. Alfred & Cristine Dowd Scholarship
, Established 1993
Ardyce Handlery Golf Scholarship Fund
, Established 1996
Larry & Karen McDonald Family Scholarship Endowment
, Established 1996
The Santa Clara Soccer Endowment
, Established 1997
Lester A. Tikvica Endowment for Bronco Bench
, Established 1998
Homer J. & Anne Halligan Helmstein Endowed Scholarship
, Established 1998
Donald B. Starkey Memorial Basketball Endowment
, Established 1998
Jim Jennings Basketball Endowment
, Established 1999
“Cas” Castruccio Athletic Endowed Scholarship
Smythe Family Scholarship
Phil Sanfilippo Athletic Scholarship
Conn Brothers Scholarship

Nally Family Scholarship

Living Scholarships

Living Scholarships are established by gifts to The Bronco Bench Foundation for students participating in the University's athletic program. They are funded by gifts equal to or in excess of annual tuition. These scholarships bear the names of donors or designees to recognize their exceptional dedication to Santa Clara University Athletics.

Souza Family Scholarship
The Dooling Family Scholarship
Pat Malley Memorial Bronco Bench Foundation Endowment
Bruce Hale Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Junkin Family Golf Scholarship
Lester A. Tikvica Endowment for Bronco Bench
Cleary Family Endowed Scholarship
John and Nancy Ottoboni Endowed Scholarship
Clougherty Family Scholarship
Ted Welp Family Scholarship
Robert & Helen Odell Fund Scholarship

Bronco Bench Foundation Designated-Endowed Scholarships

Class of 1941 Memorial Scholarship
Marygrace Colby Athletic Scholarship
Mike & Vickie Barrious Poitevin Scholarship
John J. "Paddy" Cottrell Scholarship
Ed Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Marvin H. Langholff Memorial Scholarship Fund
Phil & Bobbie Sanfilippo Scholarship
Sal Sanfilippo Family Scholarship
Harold J. Toso Endowed Scholarship
Carroll Williams Scholarship