Conversation with Water Polo's Amy Lamb

Conversation with Water Polo's Amy Lamb

July 10, 2009

Preview by Marcus Akerland, SCU Athletics Department Student Assistant

Amy Lamb has had a year to remember in 2009. Since the conclusion of a historic water polo season in the spring, Lamb has graduated from Santa Clara and was named an ACWPC All-American.

Without a doubt, she has handled everything with the same enthusiasm she exemplified in the pool. "Amy has always been a hard worker," said Head Coach Keith Wilbur. "She is very focused and goal oriented. Her toughness and competitiveness have always allowed her to be successful."

After leading the Santa Clara women's water polo team to its highest finish in the WWPA in program history, Lamb spends some time talking about memories from this past season and life after college.

SCU: 2009 was a great year for the Santa Clara women's water polo program. In your opinion, what was the highlight of this past season?

Amy Lamb: The major highlight of the season was making it to the WWPA championship game. Our team definitely overcame a lot of challenges this past season and to be able to make it to the finals meant a lot.

SCU: As a senior and a captain on the team, you played an important role in keeping the team focused and prepared. Can you point to a specific moment where you showed your leadership as a captain?

AL: It is hard to pinpoint an exact moment. As a leader, it is important to demonstrate good sportsmanship and dedication. I feel that myself and my co-captains helped keep the attitude positive during rough times. We faced a lot of challenges this season and it was important to help the team stay focused on the goal of the season, which was to win our conference.

SCU: You have been named an ACWPC All-American. What does that honor mean to you?

AL: This honor means a lot to me. I have played water polo for 12 years and to end my career being named an All-American is awesome. I could not have earned this honor without my team and the coaches I have had. I am honored to get to represent Santa Clara University and the Women's Water Polo program.

SCU: Fellow seniors Claire Linney, Kendal Hildebrand, Kirstin Olson, your sister Allie Lamb, and yourself will surely be missed next season. Who should Bronco fans look for to make a big impact in the 2010 season?

AL: Every season gives different players a chance to step up and take on different roles. It is hard to say who to look for this coming season, but I believe Jenny Knutson, Meg Zimmerman and Taylor Harkins will play a huge role for the team next season. I am looking forward to the games next year and wish all the girls the best!

SCU: What is your favorite thing to do outside of water polo?

AL: It is hard to get me away from the water! I enjoy kayaking, paddling, SCUBA diving and anything that includes the beach!

SCU: What is your all-time favorite movie?

AL: My all time favorite movie is A League of Their Own. It is awesome to see a group of girls making an impact in a men's sport!

SCU: Now that your time at Santa Clara is over, what are you looking forward to in the future?

AL: I am looking forward to entering the so called "real world" and starting my "big kid job." It is exciting to see what awaits me in the future!

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