In the water with Jenny Knutson

In the water with Jenny Knutson

April 28, 2010

Feature by Student Assistant Brian Elser (BE).

Senior Jenny Knutson (Oakland, Calif.) and the women's Water polo team are preparing for the WWPA Championships this weekend in Bakersfield. Knutson has started every game for the Broncos this season and leads the team in assists and is second in goals scored. She looks to lead the Broncos, a team that features only three seniors and nine freshmen. The Broncos have the fifth-seed in the tournament and play fourth-seed CSU Bakersfield on Fri. Apr. 30 at 3 pm. Knutson talks about what it's been like playing at Santa Clara, how she got started with the game and what she does out of the pool.

Brian Elser (BE): As you look back on your four years here at Santa Clara, what has been the best part about playing water polo for the Broncos?

Jenny Knutson (JK): The best part about playing water polo is the strong community I have had a privilege to be a part of. I love my team, and they have included some of my best friends and best supporters. Our coach and the other athletic staff have been very supportive throughout my four years.

BE: How long have you been playing water polo? How did you get started?

JK: I've been playing water polo since I was eight years old, (that's why I chose number 8!), and so I've played for 13 years. I started playing because two of my aunts were involved; they played and coached water polo. My cousin, who is six years older than me was playing at the time, so they threw me in the pool with her. My family is the reason I was able to play at a high collegiate level.

BE: How would you evaluate yourself and team as you guys get ready for the WWPA championships?

JK: WWPAs are the culmination of our entire season. We are ready and very excited for this weekend! We are the underdogs going into this tournament, but I have faith that we can play well and improve our ranking. Each member of our team has improved a lot throughout the season. Personally, this is my last tournament, so I'm looking forward to giving it my all!

BE: Are you guys doing anything special in preparation for the tournament?

JK: We are making small changes to our offense and defense based on the teams we play. But we are also maintaining our overall goals and strategies. I think Coach is doing a great job of preparing us for this weekend.

BE: What other activities do you enjoy at Santa Clara besides being a member of the water polo team?

JK: I'm a member of the Retail Management Institute and Delta Gamma sorority. Although water polo takes up a lot of time, I try to make the most of what Santa Clara has to offer! Right now, I'm trying to enjoy my time with friends, and soak it all up before I graduate!

Go Broncos!