Catch up with Freshman Women's Water Polo Player Alison Norris

Catch up with Freshman Women's Water Polo Player Alison Norris

April 6, 2010

Freshman Alison Norris has helped the Broncos to a 12-11 record overall and a 5-3 record in WWPA play. Norris has racked up 16 goals, 11 assists, 9 steals, and 3 kick outs drawn so far this season. Norris is from Saratoga High School and plays the two meter position for the Broncos.

SCU: What has been the biggest difference in the transition from the high school to college game?

AN: The pace of a college game is a lot faster than high school and each quarter is two minutes longer. This makes conditioning more important and every game a lot more tiring.

SCU: In the water polo world, it is commonly said that two meters is the most physically demanding position in the pool. What makes that position so tough?

AN: Two meters is tough because it is constantly man on man defense/offense. A two meter player is fighting to hold position for most of the shot clock. The physicality makes two meters a lot of work, but is also why I love playing it.

SCU: With only one month left in the season, what are some of the team's goals for the end of the year?

AN: Our goal is to finish the season strong and win the WWPA tournament. We have played great these past few weeks and hope to keep the momentum up for the end of the season.

SCU: What has been your favorite part about attending Santa Clara? What kind of activities have you been involved in outside of water polo?

AN: I love everything about Santa Clara! My team is amazing and they are one of the reasons that I enjoy SCU so much. Outside of water polo I am a member of Alpha Phi.

SCU: Being a Division I athlete takes up a lot of time. How are you able to manage your schoolwork and social life with your time spent in the pool?

AN: It's been hard trying to find a balance, but I try to put school and water polo before my social life and make sure that my work is done so that I have time to devote to my friends.

SCU: You guys close out the regular season with six games at home. Are there any games that we should be circling on our calendar not to miss?

AN: One of our big games is Sat. April 10th at 3:30 against LMU. LMU is one of the top teams in our conference and it would be great to beat them before facing them again in WWPAs.