Women's Water Polo Quote Sheet - 2/3/07

Feb. 5, 2007


Head coach Keith Wilbur, on wins: "The team played very well. We came in against UC Santa Cruz and executed well just about every phase of the game, and managed to do it again against Sonoma State.

Wilbur on play of Katie Radvanyi: "Katie does a lot of great work for us. She scores goals, gets a lot of steals, and most importantly she draws a lot of kickouts. We have a lot of players who are able to draw kickouts inside of two meters, but Katie can find ways of gaining that 6-5 advantage just about anywhere."

Christie Miller, on victory over UC Santa Cruz: "We came out hard despite the early game time and we took it to them. Over all we played good, clean defense and had everyone actively participate on offense, which was reflected in the high score."

Miller, on play of Brianna Anderson: "The defense that Sonoma set up favored the way Bri plays. They dropped off the perimeter to guard set, due to our strong sets, and left Bri up top to shoot. Being the little snipper she is, Bri put them in the back of the cage."

Elizabeth Perry, on the team's performance against Sonoma State: "Sonoma State has always been one of our biggest rivals ever since my freshman year. We seemed to be a little bit more in control in the last game than we had been in the past."

Perry, on the play of the Lamb twins: "They have some sort of weird connection now and again! They just seem to always know where the other one is. They pull off some plays you would not expect."


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