Santa Clara Sand Hosts San Jose State on Wednesday

Santa Clara Sand Hosts San Jose State on Wednesday

 Santa Clara's sand volleyball team will host San Jose State on Wed., March 12 at 4 pm at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos. 

The match will begin about 4 pm with No. 5 and No. 4 playing each other and then about an hour later No. 3 and 6 will play. No. 1 and 2 will play each other after the matches vs. No. 3 and 6 conclude. 

Bronco head coach Jon Wallace (JW) chatted on Tuesday about last weekend's 1-1 record at Pacific and this week's challenge in hosting San Jose State. 

SCU: Talk about the team's play this past weekend. What were some positives that you came away from the weekend with?  

JW:  It was a good opening weekend for our girls.  Every team was able to get a match in.  They were able to work through a lot of things. The highlight was the play of Danielle Rottman and Sabrina Clayton. They won both of their matches, but more importantly they play extremely well together and at a very high level.  Chloe Sliger and Chloe Lott played inspired volleyball in their win vs UOP.  

SCU: What is something you are working on more since the weekend?

JW: Our biggest take-away from the weekend is that we need to improve our defense. In general our teams need to serve better and we must persue plays with more intensity.

SCU: Will you switch your line-up at all going into the San Jose State match tomorrow?

JW: Our line-up will remain the same. It will be the following on Wednesday:

1. Taylor Milton - Nikki Hess

2. Danielle Rottman - Sabrina Clayton

3. GiGi Cresto - Taylor Dayton.

4. Madison Dutra - Sarah Vaccaro

5. Katy Schatzman - Lacey Maas

6. Chloe Sliger - Chloe Lott

We may see some changes soon as our players are getting better and creating some very competitive situations.

SCU: If fans want to come watch Wednesday, what should they look for with sand?

JW: Sand volleyball is a great sport.  It really emphasizes the athleticism of each of the girls.  Communication and chemistry play a big part of a team's success and competitive spirit.  With only two players, there is a premium on movement and the ability to cover the court.  Some teams will have one girl block the whole time and one play defense the whole time. Other teams may share front and back court responsibilities. It is a lot of fun!  Everyone is welcome!