Volleyball and Sustainability Recap with Megan Anders

Megan Anders
Megan Anders

By Kaitlin Fuelling '13


SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Junior Megan Anders (MA) had one of her best seasons this past fall as a part of the Santa Clara volleyball team.  Anders played in 127 sets with 383 kills and had a hitting percentage of .361.  SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCB) had the chance to sit down with Anders and discuss her season as well as how she plans to prepare for senior year.


SCB: What do you think made the difference in your performance and play this season in comparison to the past seasons?

MA: I think what made the difference this year was preparation, both individually and as a team.  I worked really hard in the winter, spring, and all summer to get in really good shape.  This pushed me physically and mentally and really helped me to go through the season with strength.  This ultimately helped me to practice harder and do well on the court.  Our team did the same thing, and really went into the season with more competition and more drive.


SCB: How do you plan to prepare and train for your senior year?

MA: I plan to do the same thing, but on a whole new level.  I also want to work on my all around volleyball skills as opposed to the details of my position.  This way I can be a better athlete and volleyball player as a whole, and hopefully that will make me a better player in practice. I can help raise the level of practice if I am able to do this. 


SCB: Are there any areas you would like to improve on for your final season? 

MA: For my senior season, I would really like to improve my back row.  That is a pretty lofty goal for a middle, but something to work on during the off-season.  I would also like to improve my foot speed and ability to close the block.


SCB: What have you enjoyed about your time at Santa Clara so far?

MA: I have enjoyed so much at Santa Clara, it's almost impossible to pick one thing.  I love being a part of a team because we get the opportunity to compete against other schools and represent Santa Clara. In terms of the school, I really enjoy the personal relationships that I develop with professors and staff.  It's nice to walk down the hallway and have a professor from freshman year call me by name and ask how the season is going.  That doesn't happen to student-athletes at every school.


SCB: What are some of your favorite foods during training or to refuel with?

MA: Lately I have been into Crock Pot soups; just throw in spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, celery, two cans of beans, rotisserie chicken, and broth.  It's super healthy and easy. I can also save it for a few days when I don't find myself having enough time to cook.


SCB: How have you learned to balance your time as a bioengineer and full-time student-athlete?

MA: The only way I can be an student-athlete and bioengineer is to stay super organized.  I have every hour planned for the whole week before the week starts.  Otherwise I forget what I am supposed to be doing and lose productive time.


SCB: Did you always want to play volleyball in college?

MA: I have wanted to play in college since I knew what college was.  My mom was a college athlete, and I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps.


SCB: How has being a part of a team impacted your life as a college student and time here at SCU?

MA: Being on a team has really given me an all-around experience at SCU.  I am kept very busy but also have time to get involved and do what I love. 


SCB: Any sustainability tips for us?

MA: We now have compost at the games! Food scraps, napkins, and Coca-Cola cups lids and straws can all go into the GREEN compost bin.