Athletic's Janice DeMonsi Named Sustainability Champion for SCU Staff; Volleyball's Megan Anders Works As Sustainability Intern

Athletic's Janice DeMonsi Named Sustainability Champion for SCU Staff; Volleyball's Megan Anders Works As Sustainability Intern

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Working to become a champion in Sustainability, including environmental conservation, social justice and fiscal responsibility, Santa Clara's own Janice DeMonsi was named the Sustainability Champion for SCU Staff.  DeMonsi is the Director of Recreation as part of Bronco Athletics.

DeMonsi was honored for her commitment to developing a more sustainable campus recreation program. She has collaborated with Facilities and the Office of Sustainability to find ways to reduce energy consumption, water use, and waste production while providing a great place for people to work out! Composting paper towels? "Sure!" Dual-flush toilets? "Why not?" Cardio machines aren't plugged in and run on human energy? "Powered by Sweat!" 

A perfect example was the recent purchase of the two Woodway Curve treadmill.   

"I have made this a part of who I am the past six years especially. It's important for all of us to give back, particularly since I had my four-year-old son Evan," said DeMonsi.  "I am a big lover of the ocean. For me, it means there isn't plastic floating in the ocean when I am surfing because it's already been thrown into a recycle bin. Even more, on the Santa Clara campus, it just means we are doing more to be in line with the strategic plan. Social justice and Sustainability is part of the University Mission and it's very important. I am very honored and proud to work on projects to make us a better place."

DeMonsi said for the Bronco Kidz All-Sport camp, they are purchasing cups that are compostable or recyclable instead of cups with a waxy filler that have to be throw away.

"We are delighted that we will have Megan Anders back as our intern next year as well," added DeMonsi.  "She will be assisting Campus Rec with a waste assessment this summer in order to get one step closer to be a Zero Waste program by 2020 if not sooner."

"It's really important to recognize the success people are having in this area," said Anders. "She takes sustainability into every decision she makes, whether it's the cups for camp or lint in the driers.  It's important to have a leader and a role model in the athletic department that cares so much about sustainability and the environment. As a Bronco student-athlete, I am particularly proud of the efforts we are making."

Thanks to everyone at Santa Clara for their commitment and positive energy toward sustainability!


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