Oct. 29, 2009

Trick or Treat with the Broncos! Get Acrobat Reader

Remember: 5 pm on Fri., Oct. 30 - the Leavey Center - Santa Clara volleyball hosts USF!

Halloween Eve at 5 pm is the place to be in Santa Clara for the 1st annual Santa Clara students and kids costume contest when Santa Clara hosts USF on the volleyball court.

Come Trick or Treat with the Bronco volleyball team as they host USF on Fri., Oct. 30 at 5 pm.

Santa Clara will host a Halloween party for both kids and SCU college students - hosting a costume contest with GREAT prizes (I-Pods, gift cards, etc.). And everyone is a winner on Halloween Eve with the Broncos because there will be tons of free candy being handed out by the Bronco women's basketball team.

The costume contests, conducted at the volleyball intermission between games two and three, will be judged by Bronco men's basketball coach Kerry Keating, Bronco women's basketball coach Jennifer Mountain and Bronco baseball coach Mark O'Brien.

Mountain is a tough judge and said she will be `looking for originality and creativity in the usage of props'.

Not sure about what to wear yet? Here are a few of the Broncos finest coaches and student-athletes giving a few hints of their favorite outfits as children. A few of the coaches also gave an inside peak at what their own children would be for Halloween this year as well.

Bronco Athletic Director Dan Coonan: I was Joe Theisman in 1970 - with a Notre Dame football helmet, his Notre Dame jersey and I had a sign that said "Theisman rhymes with Heisman". Coonan's kids love Halloween! They will be: Tommy: Notre Dame football player (Jimmy Clausen), Kevin: a character called Speeding Spike. Claire is going to the Bride of Frankenstein (first time she is going to be a non-princess).

Men's basketball head coach Kerry Keating: He and his sister won the local rec center contest two straight years on costumes their mom made. They were DICE the first year and the second year we were the King and Queen of Hearts - imagine lots of glitter!

Men's soccer head coach Cam Rast: My favorite costume was my first - Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Women's basketball head coach Jennifer Mountain: I had a sweet care bear outfit!

Baseball coach Mark O'Brien: I always wanted to be a football, baseball or basketball player. My daughter Brooklyn will be a Bumble Bee for Halloween.

Volleyball head coach Jon Wallace: son Joe will be Anakin Skywalker (Luke's father), daughters Whitney and Maddy will be Tinkerbell and a Baby Chic, respectively.

Volleyball associate head coach Dustin Moore: son Tanner will be a Wolverine, daughter Teagan will be Bat-girl and son Brayden will be Winnie the Pooh.

Some of the Bronco volleyball team's favorite former costumes:

Alexandra Palmer: Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid :)

Lexi Williamson: Pocahontas

Morgan Doherty Rockstar

Katherine Douglas: Snow White

Dana Knudsen: My dad used to do really cool make-up, so I would always be something scary. My favorite was a vampire, which is ironic considering how much I love Twilight!

Emily Burke: Little Red Riding Hood

Kayla Lommori: A hippie

Some of the Bronco men's basketball team's favorite former costumes:

Niyi Harrison and Raymond Cowels: Power Rangers!

Robert Smith: PokeMon

Phillip Bach: Thomas the Train

Kevin Foster: Family didn't celebrate Halloween

For the volleyball match: Santa Clara is 13-9 and 3-4 in the WCC. They won both matches last weekend in Los Angeles - defeating LMU 3-1 Oct. 22 and then Pepperdine 3-2 on Oct. 24.

USF is 10-10 and 4-3 in the WCC. They won 3-2 at Pepperdine on Oct. 22 and then lost 3-1 at LMU on Oct. 24.

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