PINK is the Santa Clara Broncos color of the day Saturday!

PINK is the Santa Clara Broncos color of the day Saturday!

Oct. 16, 2009

PINK is the Santa Clara Broncos color of the day tomorrow - Sat., Oct. 17! Join the Broncos as they help raise funds to help eradicate Breast Cancer when the Santa Clara volleyball team hosts Gonzaga on Sat., Oct. 17 at 1 pm in its DIG PINK match.

The first 200 Santa Clara students in the door will receive a FREE PINK RUFF RIDERS t-shirt.

Santa Clara is 11-8 and 1-3 in the WCC after defeating Portland 3-1 on Thursday night. Gonzaga is 6-11 and 2-2 in the WCC, falling 3-2 at USF on Thursday night.

Please see the special website setup for the event! If you can't make the match to donate in person, then you can donate online at:

Saturday's Gonzaga match features DIG PINK for the third straight year with the team raising almost $13,000 in the first two years; and this year Santa Clara has raised over $5,600 prior to Thursday's match. High school and college teams nationally will be promoting breast health education in the community as well as raising funds to help eradicate Breast Cancer.

"We look forward to the DIG PINK event every year," said Wallace. "Our program has been affected by this and touched by people within our program. We find out so many people are affected by breast cancer and donations are coming from the families and friends of our players who have been affected by it. Our number is going up every year and it's nice to see that. Hopefully we will get a good student following to create a greater awareness throughout our student body here at Santa Clara University."

Dig Pink attendees will watch the girls compete on the court while contributing to breast health awareness by making a statement and wearing something PINK in the stands. Admission will be $7.00 for all adult attendees and $5.00 for all children and senior attendees. All students get in to the match for FREE.

The proceeds from all donations will benefit the Side-Out Foundation, a national 501(c)(3) located in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Side-Out Foundation

The Side-Out Foundation, a national 501(c)(3) located in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Breast Cancer research nationally through volleyball tournaments, clinics, and rallies. Funds are currently devoted to targeted therapies and molecular profiling which is where there is a hot bed of research activity. Side-Out also devotes a portion of the funds to local and national "Life with Cancer" support organizations.

Their name underscores the purpose of the organization - "Side-Out" in volleyball occurs when one team wins a point while its opponent is serving, thereby regaining serve or control of play. Likewise in the war against breast cancer, the Side-Out Foundation will support health care professionals in their pursuit of practical solutions for women and men with this dreaded disease thus enabling those affected to regain control of their lives and living them to the fullest.

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