Davigeadono Can't Believe She's a Senior!

Davigeadono Can't Believe She's a Senior!

Sept. 17, 2009

Volleyball senior Lindsy Davigeadono is being looked at to provide more than just a few kills on the court this year with 11 underclassmen. The Sonota, Calif. native is also providing a lot of leadership. Davigeadono, who is averaging 2.5 kpg and .5 bpg, talks below about being a senior, her favorite play and what she likes to cook for her husband.

SCU: A couple weeks into the season and the team is headed to Cal Poly this weekend. What have you guys been working on in practice the last couple days?

Lindsy Davigeadono: We've been focusing on our energy levels because last week during practice before we played Arizona it was kind of off so we really wanted to make sure that we had a strong practice.

SCU: You and Kim Courtney are the only seniors on the team. With having 11 underclassmen on the team, do you sometime feel like the Mama Bear?

LD: Yes, a lot of the times (big smile). Not so much on the volleyball court, but it's more off the court with outside questions. They just ask things like `where should I go?', or `how do I do this?'

SCU: Your team has rules as to how you all want to carry yourselves. Can you give me an example of a couple of those rules?

LD: We have a saying when were on the road we want to be style and class. Santa Clara is very classy so we all try to dress in a similar manner and wear our team stuff. We try to be presentable everywhere we go, and when we have conversations in airports, that they are appropriate conversations. We all really try to be polite to each other and to whomever we come into contact with.

SCU: Who sets the tone on that? Did you meet as a team to set the tone? Or is it the coaches that have the rules?

LD: It's been passed down from prior teams. My freshman year I got the talk about the rules and so Kim and I sent an email out to some of the younger girls to give them a heads-up as to how we act and what is expected of them before they came to camp. Jon (Wallace) didn't really say much this year; he just knows that we know what is expected of us as a group. I think it's really good to have these kinds of rules, because we represent our university everywhere we go, and we want to do the best we can.

SCU: As a high schooler did you think that was part of collegiate life as a student-athlete?

LD: I kind of assumed it would be because I remember seeing other college teams at airports and they all seemed very together. They all dressed the same and they all had very good manners and they all hold themselves on another level. knew that it was going to be different traveling as a team, compared to traveling with a club or high school team.

SCU: Last year you worked as a setter and now you are back working as an outside hitter. Do you ever forget on the court this year and start calling plays?

LD: There has been a couple times in practice where I stay there, and the setters tell me to move. But it works out nice when the setters are back row and they pass and I'm just right there to set the ball. But luckily I haven't forgotten in a game yet.

SCU: Which would you rather play: setter or outside hitter?

LD: I really like both. I really like setting because you are more in charge and more in control and it's definitely a lot more demanding. Hitting is more free for all, and just going after it, and you really don't have to worry about anything except for hitting it hard. Each day I feel different about it.

SCU: Do you think being as tall as you are, 6-3, worked to your advantage when you played setter?

LD: Definitely. It's kind of hard to see sometimes when the pass is tight, and our setters are shorter and sometime they can't really save it. I can get to those balls and it helped our passers out, because any kind of pass that they made I was able to somehow save. Also, being able to block is really crucial as well. I was probably the tallest setter in the country last year.

SCU: What is your favorite play in volleyball?

LD: I love hitting quick's. Because I've never been a middle blocker before and everyone expects me to be a middle. I know that in my club in high school I would hit them and everyone would always be really impressed. I love them because it's so quick, and I really don't have to think about anything, I just go up and hit the ball.

SCU: So - you are a senior already! Have you had a senior moment?

LD: I had a moment after our game against Arizona. We had a meeting with Jon (Wallace) after the game, and then we had a meeting as a team. We went around the room with each of us saying what we were going to change, or what we expect out of ourselves when we play. I started to say that we all need to cherish this time, and how it all goes by so quickly. Even if we lose a game, we all need to love what were doing and I started to get really emotional because I started to realize that I'm almost done. I didn't really realize it because I just got so caught up in the moment.

SCU: What are you majoring in and what do you want to do when you graduate?

LD: I'm majoring in Liberal Studies to become an elementary school teacher. I'm still unsure though as to what I'm going to do though. I might play in Europe and try to find a team over there. I might train with the national team, because I think they are looking for setters and I might also get my teaching credential. That would take about a year of student teaching, and I might get my masters after that.

SCU: So you have been married for a couple years to Kevin Davigeadono. Do you go home at night and make dinner?

LD: Yes I do! I actually cook dinner every night. Sometimes my husband will cook if I'm really tired from practice. My favorite meal that I cook is salmon, with broccoli and couscous. I cook a lot of pasta dishes. I cook bow tie pasta with olive oil, pine nuts, spinach, and tomatoes. We do Hamburger Helper some nights with the turkey burger. I made burritos the other night, so we have got some variety.

He is on his own for match nights! We go out to eat after the matches with my parents usually. But before the match, he is on his own.

SCU: How did you end up playing volleyball instead of basketball?

LD: In eighth grade I had to make a decision: to play either basketball or volleyball. My dad really wanted me to play basketball and my mom really wanted me to play volleyball. They didn't force me to play either. I just decided that volleyball was more my kind of sport. But then my brother played basketball, so my dad was happy.

SCU: What are some of your highlights of your career here at Santa Clara?

LD: I would definitely have to say my sophomore year when we won conference at Pepperdine, and that was a really fun match. My dad can't make all the matches because of his job, but he drove down for this one with my mom and Kevin. After it was over, he was so excited that we won! He is more of a basketball kind of guy, so it was really cool to see him get that excited.

SCU: What would make this season great?

LD: I really just want to have fun with this group of girls and to become really good friends, and for them to have someone to look up to. I want to help them along the way so that they can also make other people's experiences great. I think that is really important that they enjoy themselves and that we can keep it fun and competitive. We definitely want to win conference and advance further in the NCAA Tournament than we did last year. But I really just want to help the younger girls so they can build up a really strong program for themselves.

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