Post-Match Quotes

Dec. 2, 2006

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Santa Clara Head Coach Jon Wallace

On the game:
"I thought we played well enough to beat Missouri, but they came up with key blocks and key digs, and we didn't, and that made a difference. They were very consistent out there and didn't make many mistakes."

"We were still in it up to the 25-point mark in that second game, but then our passing broke down and that hurt us."

Missouri Head Coach Wayne Krakow

On winning in 3 games:
"First game was pivital for us. Our travel situation made it a hard. It was important to play well. We played them earlier in Austin, they control the ball well, we knew it was going to be a battle. Even after winning the two games, we had to maintain our level of play in the third game."

On playing consistent:
"Between games, looking at stats, the numbers weren't outstanding; about our normal numbers; what was significant was our consistency. We were consistency good. Making Santa Clara earn as many points as possible."

On Yang:
"When she plays start to finish, she's a great player, its more emotional and mental for her, not physical. Its huge when she can show up and play at a high level. It's a good time for her to play."

On possibly playing Stanford:
"It's going to be a challenge an advantage playing in the Pac 10; it's hard we are respective of their talent. They have talented athletes. We are going to have to be aggressive and play, we aren't going to stop people, but control them, and make them play the game where anything can happen."

Nicole Wilson

On Santa Claras home court advantage:
"We are used to playing in loud gyms. We just block it out."

Jessica Vander Kooi

On the game:
"All season we've gone through ups and downs, we've been in santa claras position, now the roles are reversed, tonight we didn't do anything special, but we were consistant, we had a smile on our faces."

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