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Nov. 9, 2006

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Head Coach Jon Wallace

On the performance of Crystal Matich:
"I love the rhythm that Crystal has again with her hitters, by far tonight was the most comfortable match she's played since her return. Her performance shows with only 10 team hitting errors in three games. The connection between her and Anna throughout the match brought us back to the form we had before her injury."

On challenging the team to step up in the stretch run:
"We're trying to get up to a postseason level in a matter of a couple of weeks, so we've asked everyone to step up, and its starting come around, which is nice. And I think a lot of that is due to Crystal getting more and more comfortable since she's been back."

Middle blocker Anna Cmaylo:

On the team responding with five wins in their last six matches:
"At the LMU match, Jon told Kim, Brittany, and me that we had to play better for the team, and I know that there's no reason why I shouldn't be hitting over .500 for a match. I know that I can play great every night, and Crystal has been a big part of that since she's been back."

On the team's recent roll:
"Its not just winning the last couple matches just to get into the tournament, what is important is finishing on a high note and having that winning, smooth feeling going into the postseason. Its important for us to win to reassure ourselves that we are as good as we can and need to be."

Setter Crystal Matich:

On continuing to play well upon her return:
"I think that most importantly everyone else feels a lot more comfortable, so that helps in making me feel comfortable out on the court. I'm connecting a lot better with my hitters and that's a good thing to keep going."

On the team's recent wins and success:
"We're having a lot more fun out on the court. We're not stressing, its not uptight, and we're not getting down on each other."

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