Quotes from the Santa Clara-Sacramento State Press Conference

Dec. 2, 2005

<Santa Clara Head Coach John Wallace:

Opening comments:
"I'm really excited to get past the first round. We knew that Sac State was going to be a tough match coming in. We played them the first match of the year and we played flawless that night and beat them pretty easily so we knew they were going to come back with something. Also, we had a layoff for two weeks. We hadn't really been competitive against another team and I think that kind of caught us off guard in the game tonight. The combination of them coming of a tough weekend and wanting to beat us kind of caught us flat-footed and then I think we finally woke up games two, three and four and did what we thought we were going to do."

On attacking well tonight:
"They served tough to us but our girls got tough and smoothed out. We hit .300 tonight and we haven't done that in the last month with some injuries and people being out. I'm really happy we hit over .300. That's our goal as a team and a program and we did it tonight and that's a big reason why we won."

On the next round:
"We're ready. We had two weeks off. This match was great because we got a lot out of our system. I think the girls are just now ready to compete at a really high level, excited level. I know tomorrow night we're going to come out, whoever we play, we're going to be ready to play. I'll guarantee you that. I'll say that our goals will be to be more energized on the court than you saw at any one time tonight. We'll be that way for however long it takes to win the match tomorrow night."

Junior Kim McGiven:

On the team's comeback: "I think the team knew what we needed to do and it was just a matter of getting it done. We demanded a lot out of each other and it didn't just come out of me or Kristen (Luxton), the other captain. It came from every person on the court and on the team, demanding a lot out of each other and pushing each other. We knew that we were off a little bit and needed to correct some things and start to head in the right direction. We pulled together and got the job done."

Senior Cassie Perret:

On how her team's performance:
"I feel as though the other team did a good job with their defense and their blocking but I'm pleased with the way that our team played."

Sacramento State Head Coach Debby Colberg:

Opening comments:
"We're disappointed with the loss of course, we felt like we came out in the beginning of the match with a plan that was working. I don't think Santa Clara showed up with their `A' game in the first game and a half and we were able to take advantage of that. Game two I thought they started passing a little better and were able to run their offense. They have some strong hitters. They're just more consistent, I think, with their offensive game. Our passing deteriorated and we weren't able to run things offensively. And then I thought that they just played at a higher level in games three and four."

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