Don't Leave Home without It

Oct. 12, 2001

Currently in Los Angeles to play West Coast Conference matches against Loyola Marymount and 15th-ranked Pepperdine, the Santa Clara volleyball team shares what it just won't leave home without.

Sophomore outside hitter Becky Potter: I always bring my teddy bear Peanut that my friend gave to me on my surgery day. It makes me feel better and makes me not miss home. Additionally, I bring my speakers for my CD player so we can do our "Pop" dance before every game.

Sophomore setter Kelli Sousa: I bring my favorite pillow. It helps me go to sleep and makes me feel comfortable.

Head Coach Jon Wallace: I bring 12 of the most lovely girls every time out.

Freshman middle blocker Jennifer Ryan: I bring a stuffed animal, Puffy.

Sophomore outside hitter Jessie Mechem: I bring my scriptures.

Junior defensive specialist Cindy Hirsch: I don't go anywhere without my pain pills... I can't play without them!

Junior defensive specialist Chrissy Hirsch: I bring my tanning lotion wherever I go. I'm being serious too!

Senior outside hitter Jami Bari: I bring my stuffed animal dog Patches for good luck.

Freshman middle blocker Toni Muratore: I don't leave home without pictures of my boyfriend Jason, hehe!

Freshman outside hitter Megan Johnston: I always bring my teddy bear Scruffy that my boyfriend gave me.

Freshman Christina Vick: I never leave home without my watch because it's set to "Jon time" and we must always be on Jon time!

Sophomore Becky Biniek: I don't leave home without my bear J.T.

Senior defensive specialist Merrin Thompson: I never leave home without my calling card so I can call my parents in Canada and let them know how we did in the games that can't make it to.

Athletic Trainer Scott Heinrichson: I don't go anywhere without my Kelli Sousa-to English dictionary.

Assistant Coach Katy Eldridge: I always bring the current issue of InStyle Magazine to read on the plane.