Looking Forward to Spring with Delphine Rouvillois

Delphine Rouvillois
Delphine Rouvillois

Written by Student Assistant Chelsea Flintoft '14

Delphine Rouvillois (DR) has traveled all the way from Grenoble, France to be a part of the women's tennis team. She finished her freshman season with an overall singles record of 11-6 at the No. 5 spot for the Broncos and a 10-9 doubles record with partner Stephanie Skaras at the No. 3 position. As a sophomore, Rouvillois has competed in four Fall individual tournaments and continues to be an impact player on both the singles and doubles sides. SantaClaraBroncos.com (SCU) got a chance to chat with the business major about her fall season highlights, her favorite things about America, and the excitement for the 2014 dual season.

SCU: What are your Christmas break plans? 

DR: It is definitely going to feel good to have a break from studying. It has been a tough quarter. I plan to celebrate Christmas in France with my family, see my friends and catch up with the latest French gossips. But I won't forget to train in order to be ready to start strong for spring season. First matches are going to come very quick so we need to come back in shape and ready to go! 

SCU: What was the highlight of your fall season?

DR: I needed to gain confidence and play a lot of matches because it is always tough to come back after a knee injury. Fall season went well overall; we all practiced hard. I am very happy and excited to start the 2014 dual season. All my teammates are great and very supportive, and fall season allowed us to build some team spirit. We all cannot wait to start the competition. 

SCU: What school are you most looking forward to competing against in the spring?

DR: I am looking forward to competing against Pepperdine because I think we have a revenge to take and it is always exciting. We lost to them twice last year with the last match being very tight. We know that we can beat them, and it will be a great home game this Spring. Our conference is very good this year. I am really excited to play teams like USF and Saint Mary's too. 

SCU: What can you get America that you can't find in France?

DR: My favorite thing about the States that I can't find in France is the bread from Cheesecake Factory, the hazelnut coffee from Panera Bread, and of course my lovely teammates. 

SCU: What is your favorite surface to play on and why?

DR: I love the Bronco tennis court surface in the Degheri Center because it is beautiful and we spend so many hours on these courts that we know them by heart. No trick, no hole.

SCU: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

DR: I love discovering new music, Skyping with family and friends, chilling in my bed, and watching Prison Break with a venti americano from Starbucks. Hanging out with Stephanie Skaras and Chelby Cooke in my free time is essential—I need them to relax and keep up with my daily laugh.