One-on-one with Softball's Shannon Linerud

One-on-one with Softball's Shannon Linerud

Feb. 28, 2004

The Santa Clara

Finding time in between classes, practice and homework, sophomore shortstop Shannon Linerud of the women's softball team sat down with Sports Editor Brian Betz.

BB: Almost three weeks off between games. Have you had a lot of free time?

SL: Yeah, I guess so. Well practice, ha, ha, pretty much everyday. Working on things.

BB: Anything specific?

SL: We've been doing a lot of hitting to try and improve that part of the game.

BB: Have runs been a problem?

SL: A little bit, but it's also been that we've played some really tough competition.

BB: Yeah, well obviously 4-11 isn't a flattering record. Do you think a lot of that is because you booked such a tough preseason schedule?

SL: Yeah. Our coach definitely booked a tough preseason schedule on purpose, which is good. It'll make us better and get us ready for league. But it has been tough to have all those losses.

BB: Now is it normal for a lot of teams in the PCSC to schedule such a tough preseason?

SL: I don't know who the other teams play. We've played UCLA, Stanford and Washington.

BB: Yeah, cause you've scheduled Stanford five times for this year. Is there a rivalry going?

SL: Yeah, it's fun to play them. Just cause they're Stanford and because they're close to us, we get to play them more often.

BB: Being a former player, does Coach Crouch ever mix it up on the diamond with the team?

SL: She's really competitive even though she's not playing.

BB: Give me an example.

SL: The other day she was hitting us wiffle balls as hard as she could from a short range and if they got by she got a point and if we stopped it we got a point. She was totally into it. If she missed a point, she got mad.

BB: Could she start for the team?

SL: Oh yeah.

BB: What position?

SL: Well, she used to pitch.

BB: Would she be the ace?

SL: Ha, ha, I don't know, I don't know. No comment.

BB: So what was going through your head before the game-winning hit against Missouri?

SL: I think there were two outs, so I just wanted to hit something up the middle. We had a runner on third, so anything out of the infield. She threw me a changeup and I pretty much knew it was coming based on what she had thrown me before. And there were two strikes, so it just would've made sense.

BB: Now, how can a softball pitcher like Jaime Forman-Lau throw three complete games in a row and her arm's just fine?

SL: The only answer I can give you is that they're amazing. And they work really hard.

BB: You've got to give me more than that because baseball players work hard and they can't throw back-to-back-to-back complete games.

SL: I don't know why it is!

BB: Is it the underhand motion? Fewer innings?

SL: Yeah, the underhand motion is better for your arm than overhand. I don't know if it makes that much of a difference, but...

BB: You've got this rule where you start a runner on second once you hit extra innings. Why?!

SL: Ha, ha, I don't know, speed things along I guess.

BB: Do you like it?

SL: Um, it makes it more exciting, I think, because there's already someone on second, there's no outs. There's a lot of pressure when you're hitting to get the runner over and on defense you have to stop the ball.

BB: So do you watch a lot of pro baseball?

SL: I love pro baseball. I love the Giants.

BB: I heard you're a big J.T. Snow fan?

SL: Yeah, I'm a huge J.T. Snow fan. He's a great first baseman.

BB: ...

SL: And he happens to be good looking.

BB: I wouldn't say "great," I'd say average.

SL: He's a great first baseman. A heck of a defensive player.

BB: Any shortstop that you look up to?

SL: Um, well I really like A-Rod. Even though he's a third baseman now I guess.

BB: Ah, yeah, I hate A-Rod.

SL: Ha, ha, ha. I really liked Rich Aurilia when he was on the Giants.

BB: Yeah, he's with the Mariners now. I didn't like him before. Now I just have to bite my lip. Lastly, what's this about your obsession with bananas?

SL: Oh, I love bananas. I love the actual banana and anything banana-flavored.

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