Jordan Jesolva Is Eager To Get Back On Buck Shaw

Jordan Jesolva Is Eager To Get Back On Buck Shaw

Sarah Jackson '14

Freshman Jordan Jesolva (JJ) has no regrets about choosing to come to Santa Clara. Jesolva opens up about her experience so far and her excitement for spring season to start.

SCB: Why did you choose Santa Clara?

JJ: For so many reasons: the academics, the beautiful campus, the soccer program and the incredible group of girls and coaches. 

SCB: How has your freshman year been so far?

JJ: It has been better than I could have imagined.  I have really enjoyed school and have made many new friends. My first soccer season was a great learning experience and so much fun.  

SCB: With almost two quarters under your belt, has balancing athletics and academics gotten any easier?

JJ:  Yes it has.  My teammates, coaches and advisors have really helped with the adjustment to college. 

SCB: Are you excited for your first spring season?

JJ: Absolutely, I cannot wait to be back on the field with my teammates doing something I love. It's going to be exciting seeing what our new team is like after losing our seniors.  

SCB: Do you have any personal goals you hope to achieve to prepare yourself for your upcoming season?

JJ:  I want to continue to improve as an all-around player and bring up my shots-on-goal percentage, hopefully scoring more as well.