Kat McAuliff Cannot Wait to Have a Great Senior Season

Kat McAuliff Cannot Wait to Have a Great Senior Season

Written by Kennedy Dinius '17 

With her senior season around the corner, Kat McAuliffe of women's soccer is mentally and physically preparing herself to have the best year possible. While focusing on getting better on the field she is making sure to stay injury free and strong. Although she has been busy in the weightroom with her team, she let Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) ask her some questions about the year so far.

SCB: What has your off-season training been like?

KM: Off-season training has been great so far! It took some time to adjust to an environment without our seniors, but now we're back on track and stronger than ever. I feel like the team is progressing very nicely both on the field and in the weight room. The soreness is a much better feeling around this time of year.

SCB: Do you have any goals going into the Spring season?

KM: My main goal for this upcoming spring season is to stay healthy and injury free. Winter is a great time to improve many different aspects of your game but it is also easy to overwork yourself and that can be very dangerous. The best thing to do is to find a good balance in the time you spend training outside of team activities.

SCB: What has been your favorite part about being a student-athlete here at SCU?

KM: I really enjoy the responsibility that comes with being a student athlete at Santa Clara. Since we represent the school in such a unique and special way, it is paramount that we act in a way that is worthy of the title we possess. Thus, the responsibility provides me with structure and motivates me to succeed both on and off the field.

SCB: What is something you hope to accomplish in your Senior season next year?

KM: I hope to still be playing at the beginning of December (last rounds of NCAA playoffs)! I see great potential in this team and I truly believe we have the talent and the determination that will allow us to excel in the postseason!