Catching Up with Morgan Brown

Catching Up with Morgan Brown

Written by EYEBRONCO reporter, Kendra Cavaney '15

Morgan Brown's summer has consisted of soccer and loves it. Proud to be a Bronco, Brown is nothing but excited to see what this season will bring. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) had the chance to ask Brown a few questions.

SCB: How is your summer so far? What have you been doing?  

MB: My summer has been great, but I've been out and about a lot. Following graduation I was off to Hawaii for Regional Championships with my club team. Following that we had a few weeks before heading to Kansas for the National Championships, so on top of preparing for that I also began on my SCU fitness packet. Unfortunately, we placed third overall but I'm glad to say that my team and I had played our hearts out our very last game together. Then this past week, I had attended the Philippines Women's National Team camp based here in the US not very far from where I live. This was the following morning from my arrival back home. Two practices a day for one week, which had kept me in shape for preseason training! So basically my summer was filled with soccer 24/7 but without a doubt I had enjoyed it very much!

SCB: One thing you're looking forward to here at Santa Clara?

MB: I am looking forward to continuing my soccer career here, knowing that playing with an outstanding team I will definitely improve as an individual, as well as help contribute to the team. Santa Clara's campus is beautiful and I had met tons of great people during orientation. That had assured me it's the best place for me to excel on the field and in academics. I'm proud to be a Bronco!! 

SCB: Any goals as a player for your first college season?

MB: My goal is to be in the best shape possible agility-wise and strength- wise.  With that kind of improvement I can contribute much more coming in to the soccer season.