Catching Up with Mariana Galvan

Catching Up with Mariana Galvan

Written by EYEBRONCO reporter, Kendra Cavaney '15

There are now officially two Galvan sisters on campus. Mariana Galvan (MG) is looking forward to having the opportunity to play on the women's soccer team, as well as getting the privilege to attend the same school as her older sister. Santa Clara Broncos (SCB) got to check in with Galvan and see how her experience at SCU is so far. 

SCB: Why did you choose to come to Santa Clara?

MG: I chose Santa Clara because it is a great academic school and I wanted to stay in the Bay Area. I also chose Santa Clara because it was a D1 for Woman's Soccer. It also has a beautiful campus and great people.

SCB: You have a sister, Keyra, who goes here as well. How does that feel going to another school with your sister?

MG: I've been going to school with Keyra since I was in kindergaten. We went to the same elementary school, middle school and half of high school.  I'm lucky that she come here because now she can show me around. 

SCB: Your bio says you are a member of the U20 Mexican National team. How does being a national player improve your game playing against other countries?

MG: I get great experiences playing against different countries, because every country has their own style of play. Mexico has a different way of playing soccer than here in the US. They are very technical when keeping possession of the ball. 

SCB: Any goals for your freshman year?

MG: Some goals I have for my freshman year is to make new friends and become a member of clubs. I would like to get to know all the players well and just enjoy my freshman year.