Paige Robertson's of Women's soccer discusses her transition from a desk job to the soccer field

SANTA CLARA, Calif.- Between her finance internship and recovering from a knee injury, junior forward Paige Robertson (PR) has been busy gearing up for this season. She gave SantaClaraBroncos (SCB) the scoop on a typical practice and who she thinks is her funniest teammate. The Pleasanton native is ready to take the field and help the Bronco's make a strong campaign  to win their conference.


SCB: How did you spend your time this summer in the off-season?

 PR: This summer I was recovering from a knee injury, so I spent my time resting and recovering for the upcoming season. I had an internship with a finance company, so I spent most of my days in the office working.  The rest of the time I spent vacationing with my family and hanging out with my friends from home.  


SCB: Now that you are back on campus, what is a typical practice like?

 PR: For our team, there is no such thing as a typical practice.  Each day there is a new area of focus that we work on, so practices are constantly changing.  One thing that does remain consistent day after day is the 11v11 scrimmage at the end of practices to get ready for the games to come.


SCB: What are your personal goals for this season?

 PR: My personal goal this season is to see more time on the field than I have in the past.  

SCB: Who is the funniest player on your team?

 PR: I think Julie Johnston is the funniest person on our team.  She is constantly cracking jokes and always puts a smile on everyone's face.


SCB: Research shows that you are a great student. Do you have any tips for other athletes on how to balance school work and sports?

 PR: One tip I have is to make a schedule and stick to it.  In order to be successful in school you need to spend time in the library studying, so creating a study schedule around practice and class really helps me.