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Kiki Bosio Talks About Preparing for Stanford

Kiki Bosio Talks About Preparing for Stanford

Senior, Kiki Bosio (KB), catches up with SantaClaraBroncos.com before Friday's NCAA Tournament match with Stanford.

SCU: After suffering a defeat in your last meeting against Stanford on October 1st by a score of 6-2, how has your team's defensive strategy changed, if at all, in preparing for this weeks upcoming game?

KB: We definitely realized that we needed to change what we do defensively against a team like Stanford. They arguably have the best attacking line in the country. Rather than having one or two players to worry about, we have four or five that are all dangerous in their attack. We've been strategizing and training all week with a plan that we feel will be effective against this powerful Stanford team. If we can limit the impact of their forwards, we have a great chance of winning this game.

SCU: Looking back on the game against Oklahoma State, has your team's morale and/or confidence level changed after coming out on top in a double overtime playoff game?

KB: More than anything, I feel that our team has gained more confidence in coming out with two victories this past weekend. It has been awhile since we've been this deep into the NCAA Tournament, so that fact alone keeps us excited and motivated to continue to win. Also, we've established ourselves as clutch in overtime moments. We are currently undefeated in overtime, but we definitely need to work on winning the game during regulation. The extra twenty minutes of overtime are exhausting.

SCU: What, if any, are the secrets behind your flip throw? How have you been able to make it such a valuable asset to your game?

KB: I don't think there are any secrets to my flip throw. It honestly is not hard to do once you get over the fear of doing it. It is a skill that I learned when I was nine years old so I have had 13 years to develop it. It has definitely been a useful tool to my game and the team's game. We've scored a number of goals off of it this year and play it similar to a corner kick.

SCU: Prior to a sideline throw-in that led to a goal, did you and redshirt senior Jordan Angeli talk about running that exact play?

KB: Basically when I decide to do a flip throw, our game plan is to throw the ball into Jordan and pray that she will get her head on it and score. It has actually happened a few times already this year so I guess our game plan is working pretty well. It is one of our most dangerous scoring opportunities.

SCU: To compliment your play on the field, you have done very well in the classroom. What are your plans after graduation?

KB: I am actually graduating after this fall quarter, as in three weeks from now. Wow! That is so soon! I am hoping to get drafted to the women's professional league in January, which would mean that I would start preseason on March 1. In addition to that, I have been given a job opportunity at Ernst & Young LLP, which is dependent on my status with the professional league. I am definitely excited and anxious to see what the future will hold for me. As for now, I'm just focusing on beating Stanford and winning a national championship.

November 16, 2009
November 16, 2009
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