Postgame Quotes: Gonzaga 2, Santa Clara 1

Oct. 25, 2007

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Head Coach Jerry Smith

On the game overall:
"We played really well in the first half. We had a lot of opportunities but were unable to score and when Gonzaga scored the game really became a battle. I feel as though we coasted through the first half. We may have been overconfident and took our opponent a little too lightly."

On Courtney Lewis' attack on goal:
"She is one of our best competitors and leaders. She always puts everything on the line and in the second half we needed our leaders to step up and take control. She did a great job for us."

On Kiki Bosio's goal:
"It was an amazing goal that was very similar to her goal against Pepperdine. Gonzaga puts a lot of their players in the penalty box and it takes a special dribble and a special shot to breakdown that clutter in the box and that's exactly what Kiki did."

On Gonzaga:
"They are a well coached and they are way to organized to throw in a mediocre performance and expect a win."

On Sunday's game against Portland:
"It is a very rich rivalry match on Sunday. We look forward to be in the underdog role. Not that this is an excuse but the excitement surrounding Sunday's game may have made us overlook Gonzaga."