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August 20

After a very fun, yet quite disastrous, attempt by our "intellectual" coaching staff to put together a competitive scavenger hunt for the team, which I am still convinced was only a disguise for a little more fitness, this morning's training session began with a leisure warm up. As the blood began to flow and the motor in each player's legs began to kick, we quickly jumped into what Jerry calls the "funneling drill". After 20 minutes of passing, funneling and tackling, we continued to move into an 8 vs. 8 game, which soon became an 11 vs. 11 full field inter-squad game. Showing unbelievable skill, competitiveness and dominance on the field, the MVP of the game and our very own goalkeeper coach, Curtis, scored the only goal leading the orange team to a victory... not really...all that was required was a toe kick, a little luck and really no skill at all. Just kidding, Curtis, it was a great goal, but because I was on the opposite team I'd still like to imagine it was a little lucky.

With another afternoon away from the soccer fields, the team chose to lounge around the hotel for a few hours. Recovering for yet another double-day tomorrow, many players enjoyed their free time with a long afternoon nap or a restful day watching movies in the hotel. To end the day, the team joined the coaching staff out on Coronado Island for a scrumptious dinner at a restaurant overlooking the water.

Well, time for me to hit the sack!

Go Broncos!!

- Veronica #3