Women's Soccer Journal from San Diego

August 15-16 Journal Entry

August 17

Today we continued our vigorous training with an emphasis on 1 vs. 1 defending. At the end of yesterday's session, the offensive players competed against the defensive players in a 1 vs. 1 game to goal. There's a complex scoring system to this seemingly simple game that apparently only Jerry understands. The offense dominated this first game and won by a convincing 15 points. The defense demanded a rematch at the start of today's practice that the offensive players readily accepted, never missing an opportunity to compete. The game started with boisterous "trash talking" and jeering across the field from team to team. Remembering the loss in yesterday's game, the defensive players--although challenged by talented and experienced goal scorers on the offense--began to win the game. Jerry, ready to blow his whistle and end the game, was convinced by confident offensive players to let the game continue. A few fancy moves from the offense and some full body slide tackles from the defense ended the game, forcing the offense to walk off the field in defeat. Perhaps tomorrow we'll get to redeem ourselves and beat the defense at another game.

The competitive edge doesn't leave the players when we're off the field. Team manager Amy Moraczewski challenged the team to a Ping Pong tournament. I was the first opponent to be embarrassed by her swift backhand and Jedi-like reflexes. She then proceeded to eliminate Jess, Tiffany and Marian with ease and style. Due to some time constraints, the exciting Ping Pong tournament will resume tomorrow.

Well, I've got to get some ice on my legs and head to bed...

Go Broncos!

- Micaela #5