Women's Soccer Journal from San Diego

August 15

Welcome back to a new season with the Santa Clara women's soccer team. Reporting back to campus after two months of summer, the returning players were both reunited with one another and joined by 11 new teammates. After two days of meetings and getting to know each other, we are looking forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead.

After two double-days and a few fitness tests, most members of the team began to enjoy the freeeeeezing cold waters of the whirlpool, the electrical shocks from the stem machines, and the wincingly yet pleasurable tissue messages. And, although nothing matches up to Chardi's face plant during the "COOPER" her freshman year (a fitness test of eight laps around Stanton field in 12 minutes), Marian's not-so-graceful exit off the bus, ending with both legs in the air, also brought some laughter.

Continuing our journey, we loaded up the bus with what seemed to be three weeks of luggage for each team member for a one-week road trip... what did you expect from 27 college girls headed toward the beaches of San Diego? On our way to the Arco Olympic Training Center, we crashed for the night in Santa Barbara, where we spent the next day shopping and laying out by the beach. The highlight of the day was when a few players, including Chardi, Kristi and myself, were surprised by coach Jerry Smith running by in his Speedo, only to find out it was his disturbingly similar look alike... thank goodness for that! After departing Santa Barbara we continued toward San Diego, where we will spend the next week training.

August 16

Today we enjoyed the unforgiving sun of Southern California during our third double day. With no distractions, flawless fields and top-class food, a new spark was ignited among the team. Oh yeah, and I can't forget Micaela's delicious smoothies, which she blended up for the entire team in the cafeteria. Really, I think she was just way too entertained by the buzzing noise of the blender.

Time for me to rest up for another full day of soccer.


- Veronica #3