Arizona State Quotes

Nov. 15, 2002

Arizona State Head Coach Ray Leone
Opening Statement:
"I'm very excited that we were fortunate enough to win tonight. I also want to comment about how much passion Washington State played with tonight. They are a fantastic team that we know pretty well with just having played them two weeks ago, but a lot of credit goes to them tonight for how well they played."

On what the difference was in the result from two week ago when they last played:
"I think they just out-competed us two weeks ago. Today, both teams competed well and it was a little more even"

On the Wasington State Goal shifting the momentum of the game:
"Well, I think they had some of that in the first half too. We scored twice and then they started coming at us hard, but we weathered that storm as the first half ended. Then in the second half they got a goal and the tide really shifted their way but we scratched and clawed our way into winning that game. That is something we have been trying to learn from all year, adjusting to the ebbs and flows of the game. To know that at times you will dominate and then hope at the times when you are getting dominated that you bend but don't break."

Midfielder Manya Makoski
On the first goal scored:
"I got the ball on a through ball down the line and I looked up and saw I had the girl beat. I then saw (Elizabeth) Bogus and fed the ball to her where she finished it."

On setting a new program record for assists in a season:
"It's very exciting but all I am doing is trying to help this team win and help score goals."

Midfielder Elizabeth Bogus
On the strength of their last few games helping them prepare for the postseason:
"Yeah, it forced us to go out there and play at a really high level, a level at which we have been playing for these last few games."