An Inside Look at SCU Women's Golf: Videos/Blogs from the Players Perspective

An Inside Look at SCU Women's Golf: Videos/Blogs from the Players Perspective

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'The Adventure' by Balbina Guajardo '13 

We were all really excited to start this journey, and even though it was going to be a long ride we were happy that Taylor (Camany) was back in the lineup and ready to play. Before the tournament started we enjoyed watching The Hunger Games, which was really inspiring and motivating for the team. It showed us that if we work hard as a team, and help each other out, we are able to overcome all of our obstacles and be successful. During the practice round we had a rough day because there was a huge storm that got us all soaked, even the golf course was unplayable and all flooded. Thankfully, it was gone by the time we teed off the next day, leaving several spots with some casual water.  

The first round gave us a lot of experience about the course, since the conditions during the practice round were different. This helped us improve our scores for the next rounds, and I was pretty excited that I shot my first score in the 60's and finished in the top 15. As a team, we have all identified our weaknesses and have been working really hard and giving our best out there. We all know we have the ability and potential to shoot low scores, now it's only a matter of time and confidence in ourselves that will make this possible. We have one more tournament before conference, and I think we are more than prepared. I am really proud of all my teammates for their perseverance and hard work everyday not only in the golf course, but also outside.  

After this tournament, we were fortunate enough that Coach Kelly took us to Disneyland where we had a wonderful experience. The whole day was full of laughter and smiles, we even ran after the Disney characters so that we could take a picture with them. Even though we waited in line for the rides, they were the best part of the day, and the pictures of everyone with a surprised face only made it better. We had a great Spring Break filled with unforgettable memories and experiences that will stay in our hearts forever.  

The team will continue to work hard for the upcoming tournaments, and we are prepared for the competition. Thank you for following us, and don't forget we have one more tournament and then conference. Keep supporting us! Go Broncos!